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Unrelated siblings

By DaveBarrack
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A full sized shot of the last panel on page 108 of Grrl Power.

Be sure to click download to get the full sized image, which should be a decent size for a laptop wallpaper.
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wait wait wait...

A forked tongue, with TWO piercings, or a single? Ummm....

I'll be in my bunk.
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Dabbler is definitely my favorite character, no doubt about it.
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Agreed. Everything about her is just awesome.
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I love Dabbler's expression in this one.

And yeah, these two are going to have fun being silly together. Like in the big fight at the restaraunt where they exchange banter in the middle of the fight until Stick Girl gets annoyed and demand Dabbler pay attention!

And Maxima is going to have a permenantly pained expression on her face.
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Natch. And thank you! I get a good laugh from Sydney's antics.
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I didn't notice before, but Dabbler has heterochromia.
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Self-inflicted, in that one of her eyes is actually not her real eye, but a cybernetic one.
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I think this must be one of the few times it's not Harem's fault.
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I wonder if those two will get along at some point, sounds like they could make really good friends.
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I think it's equally likely that their similarities will cause them to clash pretty often. What happens when two unstoppable forces collide? I feel like two aggravating forces would work similarly.

Also, like poles repel each other. Thought it was worth mentioning.
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Dabbler is freakin goofy and likes to have fun and hang out (so she seems). I'll lay odds on them being friends.
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lol I think it will work too, its fun to see how things develop.
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Accidentally found the webcomic. Now I'm hooked!
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love the webcomic and this is awesomely sydny and dabbler
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Describes me and my friend so well.
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So is this all vector based illustration?
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No, I use a raster art program called Paint Tool SAI that does fantastically smooth antialiasing on the linework. I also work at 600 DPI. This is a 100% zoomed view of the art and the linework does look like something that came out of Illustrator, which is among the reasons I like the program so much. I just wish it had a few more tools.
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Oh god I love these two!
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love the comic. :love:
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This is now my wallpaper. Hell yes.
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Dabblers tongue is quite long so I doubt all of it would fit in your mouth. Anyway there are much better uses for it and she knows them all!
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