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The joy of flight

The first panel from Grrl Power #158, wallpaper size.
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I'm SO looking forward to seeing Halo actually beat Max in a race! *evil grin*
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Yoh Dave, just stopped by to say I'm a fan of your comic. Any plans on getting it translated to other languages?
Keep up the good work, man!
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There is a Spanish version, you can find that link at the bottom of the "Webcomics I Like" widget on the right hand column of the page, below the ads. Other languages, if someone wants to they're welcome to contact me about it, but I only speak about 1.2 languages myself.
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all your artwork is awesome , i read the web comic any time i get a chance :)
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Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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I got a new wallpaper today! :-)

Like how Maxima seems to relax and enjoy Sydney's glee from flying, letting go of the pressure all Sydney's antics have put her through so far
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Max mostly hides it, but occasionally she lets slip that she gets one of Sydney's geeky references - apparently, back when she was a teen track star before she got meteor shit on her {thank you Stephen King} sje was a bit of a nerd and gamer girl.

I like how Maxima seems to like how happy Sydney is from outright flying.
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So awesome! I loved this part!
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Most of the credit on the clouds goes to the Spread brush in Paint Tool SAI. I'll always need SAI for my clouds and energy beams just for that brush.
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ah i usually use a watercolor brush in manga studio 5.
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Yeah I've just started experimenting with that, but I still do 99% of my coloring in SAI. I need to sit down and try to replicate the 5-6 SAI brushes I use the most over in MS5ex
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i never used sai just ps so the jump over was a relatively smooth one for me :)
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New wallpaper! DIBS! This is pretty awesome, I love the light trails, and Sydney's just having fun spreading her wings and Maxima is being amused by her antics.
And now I'm noticing that she's using the force field orb along with her flight one, I thought it a little strange that she had a blue light around her, but it didn't click until just now. Is that an actual picture of some countryside for background?
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Kind of. I have no experience drawing horizons and landscapes, so I googled some images, then sliced one up, flipped a few slices to make it unrecognizable, then painted over it. Obviously I'd love to have spent the weekend studying Bob Ross landscaping techniques, but when it comes down to it, doing a comic on a schedule means there's a balance between being totally self sufficient and merely efficient. The next page's landscape is totally hand drawn and somewhat less... good. Still, the more I do it, the better I'll get without needing to lean so heavily on photo reference.
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Wow. amazing rainbow trail.
She could be RainbowDash!
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Lets not go there. I think Maxima would start hitting people if we assigned her team pony identities!
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Heh. In the Grrl Power chapter {which Dave co-wrote} in Marion Harmon's Astra-in-alternate-realities book "Teamups and Crossovers", Sydney arrives early at a media con in Chicago so she can hit the Dealer's Room {which Dabbler refers to as the "merchant bazaar"} just so she can buy a custom-made Maxima pony one of the dealers had advertised.

Can't remember if they mention what her cutie mark is,,,

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400 mph? Dang! I wasn't envious of Sydney before, but I sure am now.
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