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Sydney by Armando Valenzuela

By DaveBarrack
Armando Valenzuela who does the comic Atomic Laundromat ( ) did some random Sydney fan art! She looks perfectly adorkable in it!
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LPHogan's avatar
She... is adorable :o
Never thought I would have seen Sydney like this... :o
Ten28's avatar
She does look adorable.
But it could be a trap.
dasu's avatar
"Could be" nothin'. The only time I can imagine this look on Sydney's face is about three seconds before the removal of someone's spleen via their nostrils.
Kalietha's avatar
*cackles madly*
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Gamesman's avatar
She's cos-playing as a Sailor-moon character. But why and for whom?
Kalietha's avatar
She needs a reason?
DEJones1964's avatar
Reminds me quite a bit of Gadget, from the Rescue Rangers. Minus the mouse ears. Is it warm in here, or is it just me? :D

Possibly the cutest Sydney I've seen!
LJ58's avatar
Adorably ominous.  One can almost see the mischievous mayhem being plotted.
Kalietha's avatar
Nah, that's not ominous. What's ominous is the mayhem you DON'T see coming.
TimmCosplay's avatar
Oh that's so cute. ^_^
Topologist's avatar
Which one of the orbs has Sydney activated to make her that cute? :) Armando is rather good at drawing pretty ladies, but you're not bad either. Any plans for "the real" Sydney to occasionally unleash her inner sweetie? Any plans for a Grrl Power / Atomic Laundromat crossover? :D
Well Archon will need to get their clothes cleaned somewhere and since the Atomic Laundromat has some experience with super-stains... I would be rather pleased to see the logo of Atomic Laundromat on some laundry bags in Archon HQ
FanArtFantast's avatar
Very cute. And that makes her even more frightening. We _know_ what skills in Spaz-Fu she has.
tirusr's avatar
Very cute. ^^
Kumorifox1982's avatar
Sydney wearing a skirt?! What madness is this?!

Very nice, I love her facial expression.
Kalietha's avatar
The oddnes isn't that it's a skirt, it's the length of it. I imagine she'd be a bit more modest in that regard - knee length at least.
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