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Sydney Fanart!

By DaveBarrack
I got some super cute Sydney fanart from She's got some sass!

( I don't know how to link someone by username. :devkalietha: doesn't seem to work. The icon does though. :iconkalietha: )
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Official seal of approval.  No, not me, silly.  This is in DaveB's favourites.  Rightly so.  Mine too.
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Not bad at all
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Since all Super Heroes need their own theme song (Just ask Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman), I found Sydney's.…
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I would sooo +1 this
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I can imagine this. Bad guy on the loose, Sydney appears at end of street being silhouetted by the sun and the volume on her boombox cranked up to 11 playing this.

That'd be quite an intro to her first solo fight.
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Yup, that's her angry war cry lol
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I noticed that the other day, try using the @ symbol to link someone :)
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Strange how the username linking doesn't work for you. Kalietha looks fine here. Must be a glitch. 

But cool art! :D
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