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Spectrum Gals mk2

Version 2 of my Spectrum Gals picture I did a while back, now with at least 2 girls for each color. In my mind the final version will have around 5 for each but it's already betting pretty crowded so we'll see how it turns out.
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I appreciate your taste in catgirls, Dave.
Wondering when mk3 will come? I'd suggest looking up a character from Star Ocean 2: The Second Story, Precis Neuman.
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Sad. I don't recognize them all, be nice if there was an index?
So Demona won out over Mystique in terms of the blue-bottomed redheads?
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All right, where is Lum? 
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She doesn't belong here, only her hair is green, not her flesh.
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Monara and Dabbler in the same room? Oh crap.
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Puazi....Yes!!! I hope to see more fan art with Puazi's. They are sooooo Hot!
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Thats one hell of a Collection of great girls you've gathered there... kudos! :-)
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I recognize 9 (or 12 if just recognizing where the art style of certain characters is from counts).
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Dave, Maxima Vs. She-Hulk. Who win?
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Maxima by a longshot. She hulk is strong and tough, but not only can Max fly and shoot energy beams, she has super speed and, she's a vicious fighter. Her opening move tends to be a super speed limb cripple, like in the fight in the parking lot where she just punched the guy's shoulder out of socket.
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I wonder how it would go with Kara vs Maxima. 

by Kara, I mean Kara Zor-El(L), aka:  Supergirl (PowerGirl).
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love the cameo from Modest Medusa
I feel bad that I only recognize like half of these people.

Though I am glad that you included some of my favorite cartoons/anime from the past (Demona from Gargoyles, the Martian Queen from Duck Dodgers) and the present (Starfire from Teen Titans!, Kneesocks from Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Opal from Steven Universe)
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Batting about .500, with a couple that I recognized but had to google for actual names.  (yet another) unknown succubus, Lady Death, Zintiel, Dabbler, don't know supertall, Demona, Neytiri, don't know other blue, don't know circuit-y aqua, don't know aqua naga, Shulk, don't know other green (but want to), Brittany Diggers, Maxima, Arisia, Starfire, Cheetah, Ashoka, don't know either red, don't know either sable (other than to say endmost is drow)
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I actually put all their names in the tags, but DA alphabetizes them, so they might help, might not.
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Lovely :)

I only recognise 3 *cries*

Who's the one with red skin and white hair?

Edit: 4, that really is Ashoka
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One of the villains from Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt. I think it's Kneesocks.

From left to right:
[someone's WoW character]
Lady Death (Marvel)
Zintiel (Flaky Pastry)
Opal (Steven Universe)
Demona (Gargoyle's)
Neytiri (James' Cameron's How Many Stories Can I Rip-Off at Once 'Avatar') very back
[no idea who muscles and mowhawk is] middle
Modest Medusa (Modest Medusa) kid in front
[no idea who tattoo gal is]
She Hulk
[tiny and green and no idea]
Brittany Diggers (Gold Diggers)
some green lantern (DC comics) in the back
Starfire (Teen Titans animated series version) middle
Tigress, leaning forward and kneeling
Ashoka (Star Wars: Clone Wars) kneeling upright
[no idea, but has a blue tongue]
Queen Tyr'ahnee (Duck Dodgers in the 241/2th Century)
[presumably another WoW character or a D&D character]
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The first and last are DrGraveling's Monara and Traxex the Drow Ranger (DOTA 2).

Muscles and Mohawk is 
Andrah from Polymer City Chronicles.

Before She-Hulk is Namorita and after is 
AnimeFlux's Nalica.

Also, the one before Kneesocks is one if Incase's Puazi.
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I've been looking all over for that last one.
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*that's* Namorita?!  She didn't look like that when first introduced, which is where I remember her from...
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I looked those up.  NSFW warning
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*bows respectfully*  Thank you Master
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