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Spectrum Gals

Just some colorful gals out for a drink! I'd love to add a ton more girls to this, different shades and in between hues, but for now this piece is done.

In order, the gals are DrGraveling's Monara, Traxex the Drow Ranger of DOTA 2 fame, Dabbler (mine), Andrah from Polymer City Chronicles, AnimeFlux's Nalica, Maxima (mine), DC's Starfire, and Kneesocks from the Anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I will leave the googling to you if there are names you don't recognize but several of them will take you to very NSFW places.
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Animeflux Nalica doesn't come up with any results on google, at all!
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Interesting character selections - followed the link from wherein you mention that you see Dabbler at 5'-10" (177.8cm) and Maxima at 6'-1" (185.4cm). I had never considered Dabbler to be that tall, more like 5'-7" at most. Andrah seems short by that same measure as does Starfire. It is always neat to see a cross-universe comparison. Curious if these are to be considered contemporaneous or just depicted at random points in their respective time-lines. I especially like the perspective floor patterns.
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Good to see Andrah getting out these days...not really all that sure what she's been up to in the years since she took off. :p
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Huh, if you know of Monara, I definitely have an idea of the sites you may visit. What's your opinion on doing adult work, especially on your own characters? I remember you coming pretty close for the Harem (I think it was) Valentine's Day pic last year.
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If I had time, I'd love to do "Grrl Power After Dark" or something where I can do more adult humor. 
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Where's She-Hulk? :D
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If I ever find the time to do a second row of ladies, she's a shoe in.
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Second row? Too little, too late :P
Although, using the phrase "too little" in any regard to She-Hulk just feels kinda wrong :D

Btw: I read your Grrl Power comic - I must say that while I'm not a fan of superhero comedy (with two exceptions to date), you've done a great job on it. It is over-the-top, that much is true, but somehow it works (of course having a bunch of big-breasted babes helps a little :D)... or maybe it's because Sydney's powers are somewhat similar to those of a character I'm preparing for my own, superhero project? Who knows.

Either way - nicely done my friend ;)
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It's a rainbow of lovely ladies!
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Gotta love the spectrums... especially represented by these great gals! :-)
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Oh my goodness, Andrah's there. Head. Explode.
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I'm very much hoping Starfire is serving Mustard shots.
wow, this was worth the wait! Thanks for including the TV-version of Starfire, definitely my favorite approach to her character. Nice job on the background, too!
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I recognized all but, Andrah, Nalicia, and Kneesocks...btw Dabbler and a Dranei chick in the same picture only brings one thought to mind (Hoofed girls are awesome!)
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Oh snap! That's awesome! Thank you very much for including Nalica in this lineup! Looks pretty great! :)
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You're welcome! Nalica and Monara seem like the kind of gals Dabbler would hang out with, so it's only fair she'd invite them. Too bad I don't really have time to draw that sort of thing these days though. :)
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question does dabbler knows any "demon/alien martial art" i mean she is a "know a little of everithing/multitasker"
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Scanty and Starfire!
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Aw my lil waifu Nalica is super cute there. I know Fluxo will be overjoyed you drew his character!
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I recognize Dabbler, Andrah, Maxima, and Starfire.  Plenty enough recognition for me.  And I like the rainbeo effect.  Like a nice chunk of your apparent musical tastes, tres 1980s.

The fact that Weird Al's "Off the Deep End" is on the wall makes this one hang spot I'd like to drop into.
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Amazing pic! Though it gave me a bit of a shock when I thought I recognized one of my characters in there...I thought that I was the first person to make a blue-skinned superheroine with white hair, more fool I.
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