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Peggy's Back Tattoo

By DaveBarrack
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As the title says, this is Peggy's back tattoo. The shell casings each represent a confirmed sniper killshot. She actually has more than that, but she has two twofer kills and she wasn't sure of how to represent that with the casings, and she wound up stopping when they were symmetrical. It's still a work in progress. She had the banner tattooed around the sniper rifle, and she wanted to put some cold sounding sniper shit on there, but couldn't think of what to use, and she thought "One shot, one kill" was a bit trite, especially since her average is actually better than that. (Not including intentional non-kill shots that she's taken, mostly since joining Arc-SWAT, since they try and minimize the body count when possible.)
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How about " Zeno blinked." Zeno's paradox indicated how a tortoise shot at would never be struck because, regardless of relative velocities, the tortoise is still moving, allowing for a theoretically endless subdivision of distance prior to impact. I always figured it was bullshit too. Zeno invented shish-kebab is all.
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Well, I imagine Sydney could give her a quote from Fallout New Vegas she could use.
"The last thing they never see."
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How about shattered bullet castings? Maybe in two almost hanging-together pieces fro the double kills?
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Here's a good sniper saying...

Long Distance is the next bet thing to being there...


Don't run! You'll only die tired!
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 for the scroll:

 If you can read this, get off my back.

 You're facing the wrong way.

 That better be you, Maxima.

 or perhaps:

 I didn't know what to put here.
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How about "The Final ARC-ument."?
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nice design , the comic is also great keep up the awesome work :)
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Was that a pride tattoo on her arm?
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The last thing you never see.
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Sadly Chinese slogans do not translate well! We're overly long-winded!

'When we run out of bullets, we use our bayonets,
When our bayonets snap, we use our stocks,
When our stocks shatter, we use our fists,
When our fists break, we use our teeth.'
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The motto of the United States Army Special Operations Command (or the Green Berets) is "Sine Pari," or "Without Equal." The 75th Ranger Regiment mottos are "Sua Sponte" ("Of Their Own Accord") and "Rangers Lead The Way." The US Army Sniper School is part of the 197th Infantry Brigade, known as "Sledgehammer." The motto on the 197th's distinctive unit insignia is "Forever Forward."

I forget which Peggy is.
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I was under the impression Peggy was Air Force like Maxima since she pilots the V-22 in addition to being a sniper.  She might be Air Force Para Rescue.  Their motto is, "That Others May Live"
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'That others may live' kinda has an ominous ring to it
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That is friggin' cool.
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That is a badass "Death's Head Butterfly"!
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For her scroll, how about "Protector of the Innocent" In latin, which is "Praesidem voluit Innocentius"
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Is that a Sako TRG?
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For the motto, since the shell casings represent sniper-kills, perhaps "Hunter of killers", based loosely on "Hunter of Gunmen" which is incorporated into some degree of sniper tradition.
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Unfortunately I loathe tattoos.
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Daaaaaamn son, thats awesome!
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... I do not share Peggy's taste in ink, but tastes will differ, right? ^_^
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