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Peggy No Cameo Wallpaper

By DaveBarrack
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And here's one of her evening out her tan.
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I think my favorite tatt out of all of them I the mistletoe.
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*insert missile-toe joke here*
of course, Peggy might actually have a weapon in her foot
wildace88's avatar
huh. It just clicked that Zarya from overwatch has quite the resemblance to Peggy... Someone borrowing some design elements over at Blizzard? lol
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Wait...isn't she the one who was referring to her and Sydney as the "A-Team"? She DEFINITELY looks more like a B-cup...
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Oh Gawd, that one on the left areola looks excruciating.

I absolutely love that rainbow tribal piece on her leg.

Any chance we're gonna get clear views of her other leg and arm.
Also, I suspect she has an epic back piece.
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I expect that's actually a piercing made from a set of her pilots wings. Cool!
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She does. I have to finish drawing it before it appears in the comic in like a week. :/
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Actually, I'm 99% sure I'm gonna do it. I don't want to copy it exactly, but I showed this pic to my guy when getting a different tattoo this weekend. Please please please tell me you are cool with me getting a variation of Peggy's leg piece.
DaveBarrack's avatar
Yeah, go for it! And share pictures!
nowingsforbalrog's avatar
Challenge accepted (although it will probably be mid-late spring before I can do it.  I have to get my memorial piece
to my late wife first. ) I'll definitely post pics. I just got this one finished:…
nowingsforbalrog's avatar
Indeed!  That's cool.  I'm not gonna lie. If I could get away with it in my line of work, I'd steal the left leg.
I've never wanted tribal until now. 
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why does she have a mistleto....oh OH!!
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Moments I wish I could bump a comment, reddit-style...
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I would be VERY uncomfortable sitting on that grass butt naked. 
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I see Holly,  not mistletoe.
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im aussie different chrismas
thaddaeusv's avatar
Truth. Mistletoe usually has white berries and rounded leaves. That is definitely a sprig of holly, which makes me want to know why. Was it supposed to be mistletoe, or does the holly mean something?
BarkingEri's avatar
Well we don't have much actual mistletoe readily available around the states, but holly is a Christmas-colored invasive weed you can't kill fast enough, so we just swapped it in and called a hanging arrangement of holly "mistletoe". Think we also got just kind of a weird jumbled association because "The Holly and the Ivy" is a much older Christmas song than anything ee ever hear with mistletoe in it. Also Hollywood always uses holly in movies, never heard why that is.
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Oh geez, I didn't even notice that. Good eye there, mate.
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yes dancing potatoe
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Excellent work!
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Absolutely breathtaking.
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