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Maxima by ArtBroSean

Someone forgot to knock. Maxima may remind them of etiquette with a knock to the brain stem. By :iconartbrosean:
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I knew she reminded me of Lana...
LPHogan's avatar
No matter the punishment, his last thoughts (probably as be pass a Boing 747 en route across the Atlantic) will probably be... "Worth it!"
Solbet's avatar
We all know that's Hiro. So she probably didn't hit him as hard as she would have anyone else.
McGrewer's avatar
Granted that would definitely kill one of us "mushy humans", Hiro can take it.
gammera1976's avatar
He died a happy man...
wildace88's avatar
Not even trying to be dirty here (for once lol) but I bet her nipples could literally cut glass. Or at least punch holes in it XD
kanyiko's avatar
There are worse ways to start a day... >.>
Go, Maxima! No mercy!

I love her as a character. And I like that a humorous excuse is needed to put her in this position of teasing her... assets to the viewer even of the comic. As much as I enjoy the gratuitous cake, she's too dignified (and just a little vulnerable) to partake, and I love her all the more for it.
cerebus873's avatar

I wonder how many states away he'll land?
jclv's avatar
It would be more accurate to ask how many different states he'll land in.
Nutster67's avatar
Solid, liquid, gas and plasma?
cerebus873's avatar
I think I have to agree with this.
AzrielBlade's avatar
And here's our winner.
SgtSareth's avatar
I'm sure that's classified.
cerebus873's avatar
Yes, the classified answer is probably, "that's 'how many COUNTRIES away will he land?'"
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