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Maxima by AndyO!



Woo fan art! This is my first piece, so I wasn't sure where I was gonna stick them. A folder on DA seemed to make sense.

This piece is from AndyO! who does the comic Too Much Information ([link]) which is often borderline Safe For Work, so travel there at your own discretion.

Maxima getting a massage from the Hulk... She-Hulk seems more likely since Max doesn't like being gawped at by guys, but the Hulk never seemed interested in that sort of thing so I guess she'd be ok with it. Plus as AndyO! pointed out, the Hulk is the strongest guy around which she might require for deep tissue.

"Hulk knead!"
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Hahahahahahaha! HULK KNEAD!
(could be a double entandre somewhere in there I'm willing to bet!)