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Maxima Flying from page 505

A picture of Maxima from page 505 of Grrl Power. Turned out pretty good, so I thought I'd post it here without the word bubble.
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After I have look on Grrl Power by Shadaan ,
I have ask myself, who is stronger and tougher: Anvil or Max?

Both are very strong, so if Anvil can raise her Strenght, who would win a Game of Arm Wrestling?
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Looking at this again, I think I can see what you've been trying to do with Max's face. I kept thinking of her features as more angular, almost mannish, for some reason. But I think I can understand her softer look in some of the later strips now.
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Love the lighting on the face here.
Nothing as relaxing as night flying on a warm evening,

provided you avoid the dozens of helicopters, airplanes, these days, and other junk just flying around up there all the time now. and making sure you aren't blinded by the lights on the way down and run into a telephone wire...seriously have to feel sorry for anyone who has a levitation type flight with a flight ceiling of like twenty to thirty feet...just look up those wires are EVERYWHERE in a city. can imagine a superhero going to make a dramatic exit from saving the day, not looking up and ramming some random-looking wire just going across the street to that one building by the river.
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Imho, one of the best images of Maxima so far.
Very nice, but as I've said before, the image *I* would very much like, is a high-res and bubble-less version of Sydney soaring over the city on page #297. That one is closer to the right shape for a wallpaper, too.
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Dude, that would make a bitchin' phone wallpaper.
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Is that a city lit up behind her.. or what's left of the target?
It's a city. While she is capable of such destruction, the mission from that page (…) does not warrant it. 
Max's face looks super cute in this!
And the cityscape... I'm guessing DC? Cause much of DC is arranged in "spokes" like that, IIRC. But I love the impressionistic way you've mapped it out
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Now for a sudden downpour... That's cotton, right? Max seems like a natural fibers girl (less flammable) to me.
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I really liked this page in general!
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Nice! I just read this episode earlier tonight :nod: I love that background, and might I say that Maxima is looking fine this evening?
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When I saw that panel this morning, it took me a minute to realize that it was city lights below her, and not a glowing impact crater that used to be the enemy base.
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That was exactly what I had thought too. xD
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she didn't even have time to change her shirt?
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I saw 505 this morning and thought this panel was amazing. Thanks for posting it!
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I admire your skill. ^_^
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