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Harem Playboy Shoot with Tops

A shot from Harem's Playboy spread, with tops
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Beautiful and sexy work 😍😍 😍😍 😍!!!!!;
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I know what happens when one of the Harems are injured, but what happens if one of them gets sick? Do they all show symptoms? If only one had the virus would they all start producing antibodies?
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From other explanations I saw by Dave, they'd all feel the discomfort, but only one is actually sick and recuperating.
Kitsune-no-Arashi's avatar
Blue looks painful.

Is that an Emma Frost ref?

I'll go with long purple. I'd go with Pink if her hair were more red instead.
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okay I definitely prefer this one to the nude, A huge part of Harem's personality is all in her clothes.
 It kinda takes away a lot of the 'harem' vibe for me without them. - maybe coz i'm not a boy too the nudity also doesn't really add anything extra to a piece (like clothes/a background does) aside from the art? I mean her different fashion sense's are a big part of the way Harem chooses to express herself in general y'know? Or gets to express herself in extra ways what with having 5 options for styling
Adds entirely new dimensions to the whole "Go F&*K yourself!" thing!
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Now THAT is some flexibility, White-haired Daphne. Sweet poster for my fave character in the comic. c:
With tops? Does that mean there is a version without?
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Indeed. It should be right next to this one in the gallery. If you don't see it I guess check to make sure you're not filtering mature content or whatever the setting is.
Thanks found it, though strangely it was at the start of the Gallery rather than beside it.
Question about Harem's powers ,I think I remember it stated that when Harem is split her strength is divided as well but if this is universal throughout her body won't this cause problems with her organs like her Heart?
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Well it does which is why she has to stop at 5, which leaves her with normal human strength. Well, right now she's maybe 110% of normal human strength. She needs to get up to at least 150% before she can make another, and 200% before it's sustainable. 
I wonder how easy it was to figure out these limits.  Did she just find herself too fatigued at 6 or did she decide to go for a dozen and have 3 simultaneous heart attacks?  Harem doesn't seem to be all that restrained with her abilities and I could easily see her pushing her powers too quickly before learning her limits.
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I'm a fan of the comic. But my spine hurts after looking at white haired Harem. And I'm not even a woman.
DaveBarrack's avatar
Yeah she's a little slender through the middle there isn't she?
Baconwaffles's avatar
It's not the thinness. I don't think human spines can bend at a near 90° angle like that.
BlackSummerDreams's avatar
I have a crazy flexible ex-high school-gymnast friend who can totally bend at that angle while doing the splits even now, it's uncanny.
Joybuzzer's avatar
It's like people always forget about contortionists.  :p  Bending in ways we will never understand!
I've got a super flexy spine myself, it is possible I swear.  I can also turn myself into a circle if I want (back bend until feet are on shoulders)
Granted, she is a little more than human.
freeza-frost's avatar
mm! so sexy!

btw, i thought harem is/are lesbians. ^^; never thought she'd say boys are a hobby. :)
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shut and take my money
horizontaljump's avatar
I've always wondered. What does Harem look like just by herself? No clones activated. Also does the tattoos that are shown above go back to the main character or disapper like her clothes? Love the story by the way GREAT JOB
DaveBarrack's avatar
The Strawberry Blonde one (with the dark pink hair) is what the unmodified one looks like, though she's not even sure if that's her "original" body.
that leads me to another question, why such different coloration.  With her suppose to be having one conciousness among 5 bodies, does she just feel like having a different look then, surely it's not a problem of identity.
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