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Halo's Skilltree Wallpaper 02

And here's an alternate version with a slightly more enthusiastic Sydney.
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I am thinking the center space is not storage of orbs but a creation area for a whole new set without pips.

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I think I remember it being said that there is already a plan for what each and every dot activates. While knowing them all right away would spoil it, is it possible that we can know at least what the activated skill points do? And what level would you say she is? This is her first level up, is she level 2 with that many skill points unlocked? Or are they still leveled up from a past owner? Hmmm..... quandaries.....
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I wonder if the remaining umber orb has a navigation system, it'd definitely be useful right now!
Ah but i hope the orb she stacks aside from the flyball is the forcefield orb. Level that baby up!
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Reading and enjoying the comic.
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Jesus, How long would you have to grind to get that filled out? Also, betting the center one is how many can be active at a time.
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I'm looking forward to the day, far in the future, when she has so many of those filled in that a sparring fight between Max, Dabbler, and Sydney would be too close for anyone to call.
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Wonder what those dots in the center of the grid are for...
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I would love at some time in the comic for what each one does to be revealed
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I have a feeling they will explore it!
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Heha, definitely feels more in line with her.
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Enthusiastic? Try deranged. :D Beautiful Artwork you have there and a really enjoyable comic as well
hehehe ...sidney is very cute when she goes crazy.

She have her own glamour and especial beauty despite no have "intense" body like her other mates.
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a septagram? nice.
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Gratz on your ding, Sydney.
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I loved the Ding line so much.
Sydney is such a nerd.
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That "DING!" line was one of the bits of dialogue that made me laugh out loud, just so you know.
lol, they need to make a gif where they swap the two repeatedly.
Curse you.  Now I must know what every point on the skill tree is so proper min maxing can take place.

Awesome stuff DB.
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congorats syd.
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"... and it keeps getting funnier, EVERYTIME I SEE IT!..." - Beetlejuice
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I loved "DING MUTHA FUCKAS!"  So Sydney!
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