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Halo's Skilltree Wallpaper 01

By DaveBarrack
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As requested here's Sydney's orb skilltree minus all the distractions.
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I think for the blue orb, the top dots are Flight Assist and the bottom dots are Terrestrial Speed, branching off into Celestial Speed, aka Warp Speed. Since the flight orb cancels vertigo, and increasing the bottom increases her speed by a fair margin,  I think that the others will assist her in flying as well. Better reflexes or sharper sight or Spidy Sense for things coming at her.
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All of the heptagonal's nodes, except the ring with two lit pips in the middle, are dual function abilities. You can see how the heptagon connects each orb the the two adjacent and how each orb is connected to each other orb within the heptagon. While the exact combo abilities are a mystery, each of those pips will be a combination of the two orbs they connect.

The inner ring with two lit pips, I believe, is wholely separate from the heptagon and it's inner crossings. While each pip of the inner ring does correspond to an orb, I believe these pips are actually required to activate the functionality of the center shape. See how the inner ring pips all have a line connecting to the corners of the absolute center geometric? That is something important and having all of the inner ring pips are what turns it on.

Then we have each orb's individual ability pips. These are things like shield strength, ppo damage increase, ppo attack style, flight speed, flight type, telepresence distance, teleport distance, truesight radius, lighthook strength, lighthook length, etc.

My guess, though, is that each orb's single double lined pip is the thought activated/autoequip function. Each orb has one and I draw evidence for this by the emerald orb's actions in #541. It HAS it's solo pip filled in, so it's function requires no manual input. Sydney was clearly reaching for her mask tether, probably thinking "I need to grab this so I can breath!". The Emerald orb's autoequip function kicked in and placed itself in her hand.

Also, if you think about it using the personal spaceship theory from #542, the Citrine Orb most likely has healing functions.

Ruby Orb: Offense
Amethyst Orb: Defense
Sapphire Orb: Propulsion
Citrine Orb: Medical
Raspberyl Orb: Tractor Beam
Topaz Orb: Communications
Emerald Orb: Life Support
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be more awesome to actually known what possible skills are. the suspense not knowing is a killer
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So now I’ve figured out a thing and I’m just waiting for Sydney to activate the florb accidentally with her mind while holding the ppo. 
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Not sure if you still check these, Dave, but I thought a picture of the skill tree would be an appropriate place to ask this; You said on the latest page (#511) that you already know what each pip does, however, I was wondering whether you actually have them mapped out or if you simply know what all the possible abilities are. Any chance of enlightenment? 
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He's got them all mapped out already, and knows what every single pip does. It was mentioned in comments on the comic a couple of times. He's lightyears ahead of us in the story, which is a nice place to be! Unless it's us, waiting for this awesome story.
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hmmm...lets start a thread offering up ideas as to what the powerup for each orb and the grid in general  would do.  The Lighthook orb is a good place to start.  it has five unique power ups for it.  so starting left to right;  Use within the shield, lifting capacity  length,  shape and penetration.  sorry for the last one, they did try to call it the Molestorb in the comic.    
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Don't think the first is a combination with the shield. The combination should be the one on the inside, the linking nod. As of now, only PPO and flight have one (can't wait to see what about btw).
Maybe the first is to change the shape instead.

The solo nod is surely something special but in common with all the orbs. Maybe we will learn more soon. (Maybe the shape changing, since most orb have a form. Only flight doesn't have)

Teleorb have true sight, tele and illusion level or distance. No idea for the first line though.

Flight have speed and weight you can carry? The grey line is strange too.

PPO should be strenght and modes.

Shield is strength. No idea for the unupgraded lines. Don't think size is one of them, since she can have a big shield already, without any nod.
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i wonder what all the activation points on light hook are for?
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I think the link between the shield and the PPO might allow for shooting through the shield to prevent blowback (like the sand), but given the PPO power levels, she's probably not going to test that.
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What does it mean? What does it meeeeean?! I MUST KNOW, DAVE!
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Some more specualtion as to the powers both locked and unlocked in Sydney's grid.

-I think the Flight orb line that has 2 points in it might be her "deflector" that I think DaveB has mentioned relating to her not needing a shield when flying at certain speeds, and that the nearly complete speed line will likely lead to something for potential interplanetary/interstellar speed boosts.
-Also maybe the grayed out line in the Flight orb relates to enhanced senses or reflexes for when she's flying at her higher speeds to give her time to dodge or otherwise react to potential obstacles and threats
-I think the orphan nodes that are enclosed in the lines might be something akin to passive or always on mode and the reason the speculated green healing orb hasn't healed her bruises automatically is that perhaps what she has unlocked in it isn't the line for healing physical injuries, or perhaps she hasn't figured out how to control it through thought/will alone
-The comm-ball is difficult to guess with due to the number of paths it has but I think the path that has 4 in it is the truesight path due to its immense power in seeing through illusions, and that one of the others with only one in it is the telepresence self due to its inability to interact with solid objects and its inability to use truesight through it which I think the one with the double bond at the end will eventually unlock. It may also gain the ability to allow the telepresence self to act independently so that she can focus on more than one thing at a time (which with her ADD will be difficult to master if true unless it also grants a small measure of what Harem's mind is like)
-With the lighthook, I think the path with 3 unlocked is its lift strength and at least one of the other paths is it's overall potential length, one possibly being the number of hooks spawnable at the same time, and perhaps the other that's unlocked is her capacity at manipulating its shape
-The PPO I think the path with 3 unlocked nodes I think is overall beam strength and range and the 2 unlocked in the circle give it its fire element with the explosion modifier, the others potentially being other elemental paths (ice/water, lightning, air, etc). Meaning she might have the ability to fire a basic laser beam without the explodey bits but is only familiar at the moment with the firey part so everything burns
-Now the shield path with 4 unlocked nodes is obviously its strength and I agree the orphan node is likely a kind of oxygen scrubber ability, while the yet to be unlocked 3 path with the double bond might be a path for multiple shields allowing projection around others that she's not with though it also looks like it will link to the flight path so who knows the potential there
-The bond between the Flight and PPO might be a kind of booster for when those are the two she's holding, maybe why the beam and resulting explosion were more powerful than she seemed to expect when she demonstrated it at the range and those two seem to have some, as of yet unlocked, linking skill paths that could unlock some interesting combo skills between the two (auto air defense to targets she deems hostile while flying maybe)
-The other synergys have lots of potential like between the PPO and lighthook might allow her to pass on unlocked elements to the hook for added damage potential, the Shield and Comm-ball might allow anyone inside a shield to see what Sydney sees or even teleproject anyone inside a shield, PPO and Healing orb could allow for huge bursts of healing projected in beam form, Shield and Lighthook for hooks to spawn inside or outside the shield or for the hook itself to project a limited shield by changing its shape, Flight and Shield to change the shield shape for better aerodynamics and thus increased speed and control

I really want to know what the brown ball does and even more so what will happen when she fully unlocks that 7 part wedge system in the middle of the grid. I'm thinking a kind of temporary control of all orbs making her a nigh unstoppable force of nature during which she hopefully retains what presence of mind she usually has.
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I think that those two in the "middle" might allow her to use more than two at a time, eventually.
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Rampant, highly specific speculation:
I figure the flight/telepresence synergy will allow her to swap places with her light clone. Handy!
In that case, the unclaimed branch on the flight orb is probably the teleport system proper. Guessing the nearly unlocked branch is warp speed, meant for space flight.
The orphaned node on the shield orb is obviously the oxygen refresher.
The tentaclorb/telepresence synergy should let her light clone actually touch things.
The unclaimed telepresence branches might be telepathy and invisibility, and I'm guessing the orphaned node is either 'lie detection' or 'auto-translate'.
Also, the truesight branch is likely the one with a double bond in the end, signifying "always on".
Finally, the central circle is IMO the "how many orbs usable at the same time" limit.

It'll be interesting to see how many of these predictions I get right :)
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Some more speculation: 
*Comm-orb unclaimed branch: Universal translator. 
*Comm-orb double node: Spider-sense. 
*Shield-orb orphaned node: Designated allies can walk through the shield wall. 
*Shield-orb unclaimed node: Project shield around an enemy to restrain them. Double-node: persistent prison. Further nodes: Temporal Stasis and other prison options. 
*Shield-orb double node: Reflexive partial shield forming when frightened. 
*Tentaclorb branch 1: Tentacle strength. 
*Tentaclorb branch 2: Tentacle durability/stiffness - we've noticed that though she has a limit, no-one has actually torn a light-hook tentacle apart - even Vehemence. Double-node: leave a knot in place semi-permanently.  
*Tentaclorb branch 3: Tentacle finesse. Maybe more would add 'fingers' at the ends?  
*Tentaclorb branch 4: Number of available tentacles. (If so, this logically means that branch is pre-claimed per default)
*Flight orb double node: either gravity immunity or always-on FeatherFall. 
*Flight orb greyed-out path: Interdimensional travel. If so, since Sydney's visited another planet/dimension/??? it might be unlocked now, allowing her to open a portal back there. 
*It seems reasonable that the Flight/Attack synergy would give her a homing missile/plasma-ball of some sort. Maybe she needs to have both orbs in hand to see the option, though. 
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Well done, "I figure the flight/telepresence synergy will allow her to swap places with her light clone" seems to be correct.
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we've seen the pictures of her trying to use the other orbs, in no case is she having another 2 active.. so no i dont think thats it... maybe what limbs can use them but i dont think so
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I would soooo pay money for a spoileric copy of your notes on this thing.  I'd even sign an NDA.  I love Grrl Power, but you're never going to live long enough for Sidney to complete this tree.  She's gained 1 skill point in, what, 4 years?  The anticipation is killing meeeeee
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apparently use begets experience, because not less than a month later in the comics time does Sydney obtains another level up. 
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Reminds me of the skiltree in one of the Final Fantasy games. Inspiration?
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so did you decide what the last two orbs do? or are you still mulling them over.
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Yeah I know what the other orbs do, plus all the empty slots on her skilltree. 
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nice. i'll stay tuned to find out what you decided. (guess thats what you were going for when you made them) but i don't mind falling for those types of tricks. keep up the good work,
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