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Halo Lookalike Contest

In which Halo looses due to clear judiciary bias.
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For those who haven't read Marion Harmon's "Teamups and Crossovers" {with his cute little pixie-looking flying brick heroine Astra - one of the ten or so strongest Atlas-types in the country in her world - bouncing around through alternate realities} there's a chapter Dave co-wrote where Sydney does just that to sneak into a big media con unrecognised.

Some people do say, as she walks away, "I think that was The Mighty Halo cosplaying as herself."

{You should get the Kindle of "Teamups and Crossovers" - in fact, you should get ALL the Astra books, beginning with "Wearing the Cape"...}

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Did you know Charlie Chaplin once came in third place at a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.
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John Leeson anonymously entered a K9 voice imitating contest at a con where he was a guest - and came in third.

Of course, when HE did K9's voice on "Doctor Who", it was electronically altered, while the fans were imitating the end result of that alteration.

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love how master chief is just their in the background
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The real Helo got owned, by a cosplay girl with epic portions. 
At the height of his fame Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest...and came in 3rd.
I love how Halo built a frame for her balls instead of just deploying the real thing, and it's actually better articulated than everyone else's ballframes.
Well, except possibly for Masterchief there.  We can't tell anything about how the ballframe on that Mjölnir armor is articulated.
Maybe it's really advanced... maybe it uses...

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C'mon Sydney. We both know it's cheating when you're actually Halo. Besides. I would have given it to the bearded guy if... Well if he wasn't a bearded guy. He made his GLOW!
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The question many scoville units can he taken. That's the mark of a real Sydney Cosplayer!
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Brilliant situation. But really not very surprising.

After all, Charlie Chaplain once entered a "Charlie Chaplain Lookalike" contest and came in second. ^_^
Actually Chaplain didn't even place, one of the judges actually told him "You look nothing like him."
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Same thing happened to John Leeson (the voice of K-9 on Dr. Who) in a K-9 soundalike contest...
Reminds me of that one urban legend where Dolly Parton secretly entered a "Dolly Parton Look-Alike contest"...and came in second.
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Love it...and this is every cosplay contest EVER
That Halo on the far left looks like a pretty cool guy. 
I bet he doesn't afraid of anything
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She can take consolation that Charlie Chaplin once took 3rd place in a look-alike contest.

Whoops, I wrote this before reading the other comments. Other people stated this before me.
Not just Chaplin. Elvis Presley once had the same happen to him in an impersonation contest.
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i was about to do the same
You are incorrect there are 7 orbs
At least she doesn't need a seat during the panels.
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I blame Hollywood & Madison Avenue marketing...who cares about the original when the fake has bigger boobs?
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