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Grrl Power - Deus's Oranges, Golds and Purples

A wallpaper size version of Deus's "replicas" from Grrl Power page 308:…

There's also a number guide for those of you who want to play the ID game:…
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Fun Fact: Going by the shape of the hilt and color of the blade, that is *not* the Master Sword. It's the Master Sword's shorter and less powerful previous form, the Goddess Sword. The More You Know!
#1: Riddick - Ulaks
#2: Soul Calibur - Soul Edge
#3: Kill la Kill - Rending Scissors
#4: RWBY - Crescent Rose
#5: Moorcock - Stormbringer
#6: Moorcock - Mournblade
#7: Beastmaster - Dar's Caber
#8: The Sword and the Sorcerer
#9: Excalibolg - Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
#10: Renji Abarai's Zanpakuto - Bleach
#11: Narsil / Anduril - The Lord of the Rings
#12: Green Destiny - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
#13: Cloud's Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII
#14: Sting - The Hobbit
#15: Blade of Chaos - God of War
#16: High Frequency Blade - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
#17: Atlantean Sword - Conan the Barbarian
#18: (Need help here. I want to say Excalibur, but I can't find that precise hilt. Bugs the hell out of me because I KNOW I've seen it before...)
#19: Sword of Omens - Thundercats
#20: Master Sword - Legend of Zelda
#21: Power Sword - He-Man
#22: Dawnbreaker - Skyrim:
#23: Kandarian bone dagger - Evil Dead 2
#24: The Sword of Kahless - Star Trek
X Author's comment: "Also, the two handed khopesh at the top is a sword of my own design for a character that might eventually show up in this comic or another one, in a fantasy universe where I have infinite time to draw (or at least write) multiple comics, so don’t kill yourself trying to ID it."

Also; when Sydney says, "Woooooo! Nice replicas!" Deus narrows his eyes and says, "Replicas. Yesss..." The implication is that they are NOT replicas; the non-magical one are all quality live steel, the ultratech ones are products of his company, and the magical ones are functioning magical weapons.

...He better hope that #18 isn't actually the real Excalibur. That could piss the Brits off something fierce.
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#18 most resembles the Excalibur from the 1981 movie of the same name, though the hilt looks more like the more decorative, channel-less version that seems to be found on most sites selling display replicas.
Lets see.  I know those knuckle-dagger things from somewhere, but no idea where.  Soul Edge, scissor blade from KLK, Crescent Rose.  The two near the top honestly just look like generic fantasyish swords (maybe the mind-controlling ones from Elric?), the one above that looks like an unfeasibly large khopesh, the light-tan multi-axe thing looks like a Klingon knife or something just based on the handle/blade ratio, and the blue/gold one I don't recognize.  Spike bat (excalibat?) is from some anime I can't for the life of me recall, Renji's zanpakuto from Bleach (can't remember the name), Narsil/Anduril, fancy Jian I don't recognize, Buster Sword.  On the bottom, there's Sting, one of Kratos's swords, katana-thing might be Raiden's HF blade, Conan's sword, an utterly nondescript arming sword, the sword from Thundercats, the Master Sword, He-Man's Sword of Power (?), glowy-hilted thing I don't recognize, prison shiv, and of course the bat'leth on the bottom center.  All in all, an impressive array of hacky stabby things. 

Edit: Zoomed in and I recognize the blue/gold one -- it's that ludicrous three-bladed ballistic sword from that one movie.  And the fancy Jian is Green Destiny.  I think.  Also the prison shiv appears to have a skull on it.
the sword from (The Sword and the Sorcerer) AKA the movie that just named its self after the genre it was made in.

The sword where he never recovered the fired blades so his sword got progressively weaker throughout the movie.…
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Cool collection.  I can identify ten of them.  Why isn't X labelled as #25?  Is it an original sword by you?  It feels very vaguely familiar but I haven't the faintest clue where it's from.

My guess is it's labelled as X because it is indeed an original sword by you and this small sense of familiarity I have comes from it being that fantasy style of blade that all the blades shown here have.
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Kinda surprised there's no versions of Stormbringer/Mourneblade or Ashbringer in there.
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*Drools* I want but in real life.
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Hmmm, I'm noticing a distinct lack of Devil May Cry weapons.
I had an odd thought about these; When Halo complements these "replicas", Deus' response is basically a pleased, "Sure, let's go with that."

The implication being that these are real, functioning magical weapons. This isn't a trophy case, it's an armory.
Why not both?
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I can just imagine the guy owning them: "Here is my collection, and you know what? I am not proud of it..."
Don't laugh...

I'm not proud to admit it, but I know people who have real-world display cases like this in their living rooms. They spend thousands on screen-accurate movie-replica swords, thousands more on custom cabinetry and carpentry to showcase their collection.

...and when they're done it looks every bit as ridiculous as this does.

The sad part is they're never done. They snap up every Sideshow Collectibles repro that comes out, commission prop builders to fill in the gaps and their final achievement is something that looks like a cluttered comics/ hobby shop with serious inventory problems. Every possible franchise's "stuff" right alongside another's. Somehow the effect only calls attention to the fact all of this stuff comes from The Land Of Make-Believe, a place most of us leave when the movie or the game is finished.
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I am sorry, my comment was rude and inconciderate. It was actually meant as humor, but I realize now that it sounded better in my mind than in writitng. 
Aw, hey... I wasn't criticizing you. :)

You raised a valid point, humorous or not.
The people who put together collections like this rarely ever recognize just how tacky it all looks. In their minds, it looks great to them. Most of their friends/ associates are too polite to give an honest opinion. They're happy, we're happy that they're happy, and it's enough.
So I guess I should be worried since I think it looks awesome.
My last sentence is the important one. If you're happy with a display like this, then the people who like you will be happy that you're happy, and that's all that matters. :nod:

When you ask any of them, "What do you think of my new (whatever)?" Everyone will tell you it looks awesome and how lucky you are. You'll feel the pride of ownership and your friends will be glad for you. What they privately think of it... that's something else entirely.

Even if someone is not your friend, they should still compliment you on your display because they're your guest and a courteous guest always indulges their host's vanity.
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No Frostmourne? Such a missed opportunity lol
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When nobody was looking, the Master Sword and Soul Edge floated off the wall and started taking swings at each other. With a great metallic crash, the evil metal and the blessed steel send sparks flying off each other, their inner magicks tearing at the other.

The other blades stayed put, of course.

Honour dictated than the dominance fight be one at a time.
considering both have a sentient spirit inside them, yeah I can see that happening.

be like the dancing swords from Louie the Rune Soldier.
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I'm surprised that Conner McLeod's katana (from the Highlander movies/TV show) isn't in this line up.
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