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Grrl Power #138 - The Original Version

When I was gearing up to start working on the comic, I started drawing scenes that I knew would eventually happen. Since I wildly underestimated how long it would take me to actually get to this scene, it didn't occur to me how much my art would change in the interim. (This page is 3 years older than the current one, located here if you'd like to compare: [link]
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Mar 21, 2011, 9:05:00 PM
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redhead in second panel has little boy hips. That is a tiny man with a big lady torso, lol.

Hey Dave, did you know your cast page on the website is broken?
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A, B or C, I'll take them all.
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Hillarious, but the new version is so much better, and doesn't have Peggy coming off as nearly such a creep.
mckenmic's avatar
i feal vary sad for this but when i first stared reading the comic i thout Sydney was a boy <-<
JadedStrayHyena's avatar
I'm more used to the new one, but the first & last panels in this one made me laugh a lot.
DarksteelForge's avatar
I think the new one is much better. Especially the dialogue.

LOVE the comic by the way.
The line to join the A-Team Fan Club starts right here behind me. ;)
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*dies laughing*
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A team is the best team.
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mmmm.... sorry, there's a punchline to this strip? I never get that far in it... :p
The-Mad-Cartoonist's avatar
Peggy is so awesome lol. Give her a cigar!
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I like this on because you can see all the intricate detailing Dave had planned for Dabblers stripes. And also, sideboobage for Anvil in both versions. Can't go wrong with that.
Can't decide which one I prefer.
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Sunny: At least she doesn't get mistaken for a guy like Differel does!

Differel: I beg your pardon!
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Lol! Poor Sydney, that mustn't be good for her self-image. She's probably the most un-comic-book-hero ever (and therefore probably the most realistic hero - or otherwise said, the hero with the most realistic body ever - as well...)
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