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Flying Is The Bees Elbows

A wallpaper sized (if not ratioed) shot of the last panel on page #355. Check out the comic if you haven't at
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Prescription sun glasses? Maybe upper reaches of lake Powell after an unusually heavy snow melt? Coolness!

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So will Sydney end up with a hat collection? She already has a wide brim straw hat, a giggle hat, a military cap. Can we have her obtain an Akubra and a Driza-Bone somehow?
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Excellent image.  Sydney is just in heaven right there.

I still don't quite get how Maxima's hat stays on at Mach 4?
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Sydney is having WAY too much fun.
SammyScuffles's avatar
Looks like fun to me!
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I absolutely love how Sydney always seems to be able to get Maxima in touch with her inner geek :D

It's a trend I sincerely hope continues.
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Ok, 'cross the Grand Canyon, on both bridges', is now on my 'to do if I get loads of cash' list.

'Fly down the Grand Canyon' will just have to remain in my imagination and on my wallpaper.
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Because why not buzz the Grand Canyon at mach speeds? XD
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Well, plenty asked for it, & I guess they got it. This one's going in the wallpaper collection. Awesome work...
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Since I've never gotten an account with, well, ANY of those things that let you comment on blogs, or websites or comics, I'll throw it out here.  Loving the comic man!  Keep it up!
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Sydney can be so cute.
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GLEEEEEEEE. I would totally be flying around all zippy if I had the chance
Come on, If you're going to call it a wallpaper at least do something to make it workable as a 3:4 one if not a 16:9 or 16:10. I tried getting the skill-tree one to fit but to no avail.

Some of these images would rock as wallpapers if they'd only fit a normal PC screen without letterboxing so much
Sydney-fan's avatar
He called it a wallpaper because we, the comic fans, were begging him to release the panel as a wallpaper!

Personally I just set this one to display zoomed in on the characters.  But will switch it to a 'pillar-box' view later.  The latter will actually be just as good, as far as I am concerned as my icons cover up much of the left side of the screen anyhow.
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Sydney may be a pain in the hiney, but she's probably also the best thing to happen to Maxima in a LOOOOOONG time!
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NecroTechno's got it right -Sydney's face is EXACTLY what mine would look like if I had the power of flight. I will say that I love the look on Maxima's face as well. She's used to being under control, but she's clearly enjoying herself as well.
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Man, you can really see the true joy of doing something she absolutely *loves* for the first time on Sydney's face. Kudos.
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This has got to be one of the best, and most dynamic, shots of Halo and Maxima I've seen you do yet. And cropping/resizing it for me screen is a snap. Very well done. Thank you for sharing it.
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