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Fantasy sojourn pencils



Full color version coming relatively soon, in the meantime:

Anvil: (to shopkeep) Hmm, I don’t know, do you have anything bigger?

Shopkeep: M’lady that’s made of dwarven deep iron, I don’t really understand how you’re lifting it, but I do have a petrified tree trunk out back.

Sydney: Hey Seabiscuit, do you have any 10 foot long poles?

Shopkeep: I have quarterstaves, but I don’t know how long a “foot” is.

Sydney: Dabbler your translation spell is broken!

Dabbler: It doesn’t automatically do units. I never bothered including that in my spell - I do the conversions in my head.

Maxima: If you’re so smart, they why are you trying to get me to dress like a Boris Vallejo painting?

Dabbler: Until we figure out how to get home, we should try to blend in.

Maxima: There’s little chance of that happening. That elder dragon thought I was a golem made out of solid gold, and tried to add me to its hoard!

Dabbler: And thanks to you knocking out 7 of its teeth, we can practically afford to buy this whole town!

Maxima: I knocked out 8 teeth.

Dabbler: Well I’m keeping one for myself, obviously. I’m going to make it into a kitchen knife that can cut through an engine block and still julienne a tomato!

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D: But Max, it’s got a +5 AC enchantment!

M: Like I need it… can I wear it over my clothing?

D: Or under it…

M: … Would it actually PROTECT my clothing?

D: *big grin* Nope!