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Fantasy sojourn pencils


Full color version coming relatively soon, in the meantime:

Anvil: (to shopkeep) Hmm, I don’t know, do you have anything bigger?

Shopkeep: M’lady that’s made of dwarven deep iron, I don’t really understand how you’re lifting it, but I do have a petrified tree trunk out back.

Sydney: Hey Seabiscuit, do you have any 10 foot long poles?

Shopkeep: I have quarterstaves, but I don’t know how long a “foot” is.

Sydney: Dabbler your translation spell is broken!

Dabbler: It doesn’t automatically do units. I never bothered including that in my spell - I do the conversions in my head.

Maxima: If you’re so smart, they why are you trying to get me to dress like a Boris Vallejo painting?

Dabbler: Until we figure out how to get home, we should try to blend in.

Maxima: There’s little chance of that happening. That elder dragon thought I was a golem made out of solid gold, and tried to add me to its hoard!

Dabbler: And thanks to you knocking out 7 of its teeth, we can practically afford to buy this whole town!

Maxima: I knocked out 8 teeth.

Dabbler: Well I’m keeping one for myself, obviously. I’m going to make it into a kitchen knife that can cut through an engine block and still julienne a tomato!

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Did we eventually get this in color? :P
Sydney would ask for an 11' pole.  Because evil DMs like to make things difficult for their players, and sometimes that extra foot comes in handy.
Yet another fan reminding you that you promised to color this.
Still no color. Still want this spinoff
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This would be hilarious as a little ongoing skit. 
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I know you're planning on coloring this, but do you mind if others try their hands at it as well?
Leave it to Dabbler to provide the sales pitch that would make even the great Billy Mays applaud.  That last line cracked me up!
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This is cool stuff.  I do 3D art.  I invite to visit my page.
"Shopkeep: M’lady that’s made of dwarven deep iron, I don’t really understand how you’re lifting it, but I do have a petrified tree trunk out back."

I admire the shopkeep's commitment to service. "I have no idea what's going on here, but damn if that's going to stop me making this sale."
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I can see this being an awesome wallpaper.
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Oh, kudos to you for spelling HOARD correctly!  you must be the ONLY author to figure it out!
Also, I don't think that 'armor' is actually strong enough for Maxima to wear.
DaveBarrack's avatar
I misspelled it originally, but a reader pointed it out. :)
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Any chance of coloring this dave? I would LOVE to see this in color.
hometownboy93's avatar
Oops 😅 I use my phone and the description doesn't show unless you click on it. Guess I forgot to read it.
how about reading the description?
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Many a bard will sing songs of a dragon's hoard that fought for its freedom.  Someone grab a lute and write that!
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I dunno Sydney, a sword?  An axe?  I always found you more of a sorcerer type...although your CHA takes a nosedive whenever you eat spicy food.
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Sidney's going for some stereotypical useful items. Fifty feet of rope, mirror, spikes, and that 10' pole is for poking things at a safe distance.
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There's a fun trick in 5th Ed. where you buy a much longer pole and break it into foot-long sections, then you just make sure one of your spellcasters has Mend as a cantrip. You can make pretty much any length of pole, or multiple poles, you like.

I would have said Sydney was a Monk type. Her ADHD gives her a bonus to dodge.
i cant remember which edition it was, but i remember there being one where a 10' ladder was cheaper than a 10' pole (by a lot pole was 2sp ladder was 5cp) so... we would buy a 10' ladder and either carry it around and break it down when needed, or immediately break it down into two 10' poles and a bunch of leftover rungs that could be used for all sorts of creative ideas.
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I'd make sure the Mend cantrip was available before cutting up the pole. Although some interpretations of a Bag of Holding works like Mary Poppins' carpet bag...

I could suggest my "B&B" idea, but that's for pin-ups and naughty stuff. (A fictional game, Babes & Beasts, aka Boobs and Butts.) Dabbler's costume sensibilities fit.
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