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Dabbler vs. Zintiel Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper I did for a running TWC vote incentive. Took longer than I had planned but here it is finally.

Dabbler you guys know from the comic, her opponent is Zintiel from the webcomic Flaky Pastry at [link]

The full image is 1920 x ~1200 so that should scale down well enough to most monitor sizes.
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Fafhred's avatar
2 of my favorite webcomic characters on the same picture :-)
virago-stonewall's avatar
This is a fight I'd pay to see ... through a very long telescope.
I'm trying to imagine what they could be disagreeing over.

Then again, this is Dabbler & Zintiel we're talking about.  They could be in complete agreement and agree that what they wanna do is have a fight!
Page-Mistress's avatar
Later, their respective allies/friends found them in the remains of the dungeon (or where ever they are), not fatally damaged, and swapping crazy adventure stories. And comparing weapons, as if they hadn't been locked in a battle that destroyed so much of the building, they were outside.

To Nitrine's despair, the groups departed before she could either get phone numbers or she could give her own number to any of the fabulously well-endowed group.
Goo god! let the mayhem and senseless carnage begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
drmer's avatar
I like both characters, but honestly Zintel's a smear on the sidewalk.
littleratgirl's avatar
This would be such a marvelously chaotic fight to watch. I'd pity the person who had to draw it in its full glory though. :)
Asamurai7's avatar
lets get ready to rumble 
devil001's avatar
oh yeah, sure. Blow up the multiverse why doncha
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
There is only one reponse to this.

LazyGibbon's avatar
as a fan of both comics i approve, and yes i dont think thered be a winner, they like causing to much chaos
LunaBell's avatar
oooh this looks badass
It seems like it would be almost fair until Zintiel pulls out her Omega Murder Blast.
Barn0wl's avatar
Combining two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite comics. I'm ... flabbergasted! Completely. :D
LPHogan's avatar
This GOT to be one of those epic fights everyone is talking about! :-D
GothicBlackAngel's avatar
Oohh I hadn't noticed the little pink thingie at the end of Dabbler's sword! That's adorable! It's a sword like a 13 year old's mobile phone! xD It's awesome!
Avolendi's avatar
I like how Dabbling doesn't shun the combination of a mêlée with magic and firearms ^^
SilvaraDarkMoon's avatar
So very Spiffen! Love your Comic Dave! and love how these two look. and SQUEEEE
Vawkis's avatar
Y'know the sad part? Even with all her abilities....Dab might not actually win against Zintiel.....I'd buy tickets for this match up buuuuut, judging from the power I know Zin has the the obvious cacophony of abilities Dabbler has. I'll instead vote for a orbital view in space....and even that might not be safe enough
buddyu415's avatar
i love both comics so i cant decide who i want to win, but i want to se the fight. Maby it would end with drinking.
Sha-ani's avatar
i just realizied dabbler's just a 4 arms draenei xD
(plus some style...)
Mage-Gryphon's avatar
I...can't tell who would win...

Joybuzzer's avatar
Zintiel! But Dabbler would put up a hell of a fight! Also >_> Is it bad that I think Zintiel, when Dabbler is Dave's character?
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