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Dabbler Fred Akon 24 2013-06

A commission of Dabbler by :iconfredgdperry: of Gold Digger gotten at A-kon 24. Color by me.
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She's come along way since she was in Wereworld.  Still looking good!
Does she normally have a tail?
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Okay my favorite body part dabler has to be the hooves (and maybe the thighs) I don't know why even when I first saw her I was like: "The hooves are awesome. FAVORITE CHARACTER!" either that or she put a spell on me, damn it dabbler!
Double or nothin, my favorite comic book artist with doing one of my new favorite webcomics characters.  Awesome
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Oh yeah, I'm in love! X3
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I don't usually go for girls with more than 2 arms but Dabbler is just so good lookin o.o hope we get to see more of her :3
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Now thats a pinup I wouldn't mind hanging in my locker! :-)
Great drawn and excellent coloured too!

Hmm... first time I've noticed the hooves actually... :o
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Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the first time the hooves are shown. Usually, pictures of her only go down to the knees, at best.
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.....Wow....Exotic indeed!
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She's quite the exotic gal.
What a sexy demon!
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eat your heart out lea
looks great in color.
Very beautifully done on both fronts.
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So hot! love you chars Dave! they are just so fun!
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Very nice. Fred has a very unique and awesome art style.
It can be seen a mile away. :D Brilliant! And I love the
colours. Also, love the Grrrl Power comic. read it as often
as I can get to the site. :D! Keep up the fantastic work!
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Fred just nails it with Hands. Cool commission!
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You draw her so very hot, but then we see this and now we get some new form of hybrid hotness!
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You've still got some awesome coloring skills, Dave. :) Nice commission!
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