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Sydney, just after finding her little tagalongs.

Edit: I somehow originally made her eyes blue, I've updated the wallpaper with her baby browns.
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Lucky that none of those orbs were firmly stuck in the reef.

So hey, years late and all, but… that is *definitely* not Florida! There’s a volcano just off camera, see the glow on the clouds?

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Aww, they're skipping along like little fishies! :)
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"Okay, we have the concept for the Aquapirate now. How can we make her even cooler...?"

"The FLYING Aquapirate."

"That's GENIUS!"
I've got Gustav Holst's "Mercury: The winged messenger: and somehow it fits with what must have been Sydney's first minutes of flying around.
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i love dat Red Orb going " wheeeeee" along the water surface. Makes you wonder if the orbs are actually sentient or have some sort of AI ( weather it be a single entity or no )
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Hmm eventually the origins of those orbs will be revealed, I got my own theories though and can probably help with em if asked.
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This also shows that Sidney actually does have a figure (however slight it is).
And this is where she learns the Bends are a real bitch!
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Wait a minute! It only occurred to me now...

At what depth did she find the orbs of power? I'm no diver or anything, but wouldn't a rapid rise like she just did thanks to her flight orb give her the bends or something? :-o
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Well, we don't know that she didn't do a decompression stop.
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Uh, probably deeper than I drew her finding them. I'm not sure how she avoided the bends, maybe she just came up slowly.
the bends is decompression sickness so technically fling from sea level to a very high altitude would also cause it so maybe the flight orb auto protects against the bends like it does fear of heights and air sickness 
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Hmmm, unknown (medical) orb kicks in, prevents damage automatically, however for actual healing contact is needed?
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Maybe the flying orb works by negating gravity's force so when she found them it didn't matter how deep they where because the pressure that would cause the bends was removed.
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Can you at all imagine Sydney coming up slowly? She could have gotten lucky
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She managed to get through a multi-day certificate course. She may have ADHD but she's not suicidal.
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If her eyes got any bigger they would be Manga... XD
But in this situation I think this surprised reaction would fit on anyone... :o
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I love the detail so far as the imprint the goggles left on her face. And the detail you paid from the comic where the flight orb is the one she found first. This is actually what happened, very cool.
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the look on her face is priceless
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Nice clueless Syndey.
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Superpowers followed me home. Can I keep then?
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