Please comment when you 'fav' pictures.

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Deviation Actions

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When I first joined dA, my deviations attracted almost as many comments as favs. As time has gone on, the habit of leaving comments has dropped off considerably. These days I'm lucky to see one comment for twenty favs.


If you do like a picture enough to add it to your favourites, please also leave a comment so I know what you liked about it.
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Yes, a good reminder. It's only fair.
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I'm guilty! My apologies sir, most of the time I'm pressed for time so I figure to add to my favorites is a way to show that I appreciate what you do but I fully understand what you mean. I will make a better effort to comment not only on your work but on all others I :+fav::nod:
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Y E S !
s o m e o n e . t h a t . t h i n k . l i k e . m e
c o m m e n t s . a r e . v e r y . i m p o r t a n t . t o . u s . t o . sk n o w . h o w . p e o p l e . t h i n k . t o . i m p r o v e . t o ... e v e r y t h i n g