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Final chance to buy prints through dA
My dA profile will be 'retired' at the end of November (tomorrow). Today is the last chance to buy prints through dA. Due to the daft and slightly counter-intuitive way that dA deals with deleted profiles, I will be individually deleting all my deviations. If I don't, although they will evaporate from my gallery, they will stay in other user collections and favourites. As collections and favourites are a part of the reason for leaving, I'm stuck with the laborious chore individual deletion. That process of removal will begin at midnight tomorrow night UK time.
Leaving dA
I would prefer to be able to say that leaving dA is a hard decision. In fact it is an easy one. I'm closing my dA account because.. 1. I have no control over the context in which my images are displayed in collections and favourites. 2. dA is progressively becoming a place that is best known for the puerile scribblings of teenagers, artless exhibitionistic photographs of human genitalia, and copyright infringement. In short, dA has stopped being relevant to my work as a photographer, and it has too many negative connotations to use as a portfolio site. If you want to buy a print, then you have up until the end of the month. I will close
Please comment when you 'fav' pictures.
When I first joined dA, my deviations attracted almost as many comments as favs. As time has gone on, the habit of leaving comments has dropped off considerably. These days I'm lucky to see one comment for twenty favs. So... If you do like a picture enough to add it to your favourites, please also leave a comment so I know what you liked about it.


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e a r l y . h a p p y . b i r t h d a y . :party:
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a l r e a d y . 2 0 1 8 ... h a p p y . b i r t h d a y :party:
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Thanks. I'll get around to putting more work on dA soon!
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i . h o p e . s o . =)=)
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a r e . y o u . o k ? h a p p y . b i r t h d a y . =)
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Thanks, yes I'm OK just not on dA much these days. 

Maybe 2017 is the year to re-engage with the dA community.  ;-)
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g r e a t . t o . k n o w . =)
w e . w i l l . w a i t ...