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Alias Enterprises ,the comic book house that publishes Yenny, is going Christian now.
This, of course, means that Yenny won't be published by them anymore and neither are a lot of other titles.
Altough I'm sad because Yenny doesn't have a publishing house anymore, I'm very happy because of them.
Mike Miller and Brett Burner are very brave making this move and as a Christian myself, I have to wish them the best in this new project! It was great working with you.
Way to go guys! Let the good Lord guide you on the way, man!!!


Here's the Press Release:

Alias Enterprises Re-defines Their Vision: Christian Comics are where it's at!

October 3, 2006

La Mesa, CA – mid-level publisher Alias Comics announced today that they will be focusing their publishing efforts in and around the Christian market.

In May of 2005, Alias comics opened its doors by launching 12 books into the comic book marketplace, cementing their place in history as the independent comic book company with the largest number of launch titles ever.  Several of those books were Christian titles and the founders of Alias, Brett Burner and Mike S. Miller, made no bones about the fact that they were both Christians.  "Yeah, we are Christians running a comic book company that is Christian friendly, though primarily secular in what we produce.", said Brett Burner at the time.

Since that time, however, Alias has garnered more and more interest from the Christian market and mainstream Christian publishers.  From the work on Ted Dekker's 'Saint', a promotional comic book produced and distributed for Thomas Nelson Publishing, to a 24 book deal with Zondervan publishing, a division of Harper Collins, as well as plans to develop the popular Christian video series, 'Angel Wars' into comic format, it is clear that there is a bright future for Alias comics and comics in general in the Christian world.  

Talks with these and other Christian authors and publishers have pushed the young company into a direction they are perfectly willing to go.  "We're going 'all' Christian". Said Mike S. Miller, co-founder of Alias.  "It's just obvious that Alias needs to do this, and all the time and effort that goes into publishing other peoples work for the secular market is taking time and effort away from the work where Alias is finding the most success financially as well as spiritually."

What does this mean for the 'secular' books that Alias produces, including some of Miller's own titles?  "We're going to help our studios find new homes for their books as much as we can.  The last thing we want to do is leave them in the lurch after they've helped us become what we are today.  I'll be making an announcement soon about where my own titles will land.", concluded Miller.


Based in La Mesa, California, Alias is a publishing company dedicated to bringing the world of comics to the world beyond the comic aquarium. Alias's goal is to publish excellent comics and reach new readers for the medium in the Christian market.


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Ke Dios me los Kuide,
-David Alvarez

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MySweetPhantom's avatar
aw i'm sad that Yenny lost the publisher, but im very happy that you are a Christian! ( i had a feeling ^_^)
i will pray that you find a wonderful publisher to pick up Yenny ASAP! <3
God Bless!
JayFosgitt's avatar
Y'know Dave, I'd like to be able to keep a positive outlook on this, but me, I think they're just screwing the creators who worked with them. Wadda crock. I know Yenny will get picked up by someone bigger and better, so no loss on your part, muh man.
alonzobartley's avatar
Business is business. The Yenny title has never been on time and was difficult to get into stores. basis. So it's not surprising to me to see this "all of a sudden" business move.

David, I wish you the best of luck finding a suitable publisher.

gpanthony's avatar
Well it is unfortunate to hear that Yenny's printed form has met such a formidable snag. I wish both Mr. Alvarez and Alias the best of luck on their future ventures- especially since I have yet to read a Christian comic that I actually find worthwhile. I would very much enjoy one. Also I don't see why a publisher can't publish both religiously grounded work and work of more varied assortment...
fdv's avatar
Good to see that some people are stepping out like this.
Thorcus's avatar
sorry for my stupid question - what does this mean - christian? i don't understand this :(
bushidohacks's avatar
Jesus Camp Strikes again. :(
Could you imagine what that would look like if Yenny was published by a BORN-AGAIN Christian publisher (Yes, I said "born-again". What else would cause such a bold move?)

Andrewk is right. "Praise Jesus! BUY Jesus!"

"JESUS 10% on my annual income tax."
Aelius24's avatar
Indeed a brave move it is. I'm glad it's not causing any ill-will among the situation, heh.
Hope you find a publisher soon; I've searched publishers for my comic as well so I know how it can be :)
andrewk's avatar
"Christian" is the new "sell-out"!
RangyRougee's avatar
Sadly true!
Ever notice how some companies don't specify which christian faction are they appealing to?

Christianity is not a religion. Its a core belief that many religions with different views follow.

Though, personaly, I wish these guys exito, since its a bold move, sell out or not :shrug:
jimsupreme's avatar
Dave if I could afford to publish Yenny I'd love to have her ^_^ but, i do wish you luck! and i'll be there to buy it.
EggHeadCheesyBird's avatar
What's so unchristian about Yenny?
Hmmn...Alright I kinda see their point buit still, she's hardly oozing satanic juices.
At least...y'know...not so much as to cause people...
Inkmonkey-Woodis's avatar
Well, it's not just that she wears less material over her body than I've ever worn on my head at any given time, but a Christian publishing company, if it's going to advertise itself as such, is generally only going to print stuff based around Christianity as a central theme. If it was going to keep publishing anything non-Christian, then they wouldn't bother to change into one in the first place.
Bjornieman's avatar
And I was hoping that only in my country people go crazy, do stupid things and run around with crosses.
God, please, sink California.
Chaz2000's avatar
hey hey hey! im a christian and i dont like that crap ur throwin up!
Bjornieman's avatar
Dude, this whole "christian" issue is way beyond my comprehension. What's the problem with publishing only "normal" or only "Christian" comics? Reminds me of the video rental scene in "Orgazmo"...
Dumping a good few lines of comics just because you found Jesus is irrational. I'd understand if they were like Punisher, Preacher or Spawn - you know, profanity, obscenity, brutality, whatever. But not things like Yenny.
Too much of a good thing can be, as you could note looking at Reverend Phelps, a disastrously bad thing.
gWebber's avatar
I wish them well of course, but I hope you find a new publisher, i need my Yenny
DaveAlvarez's avatar
I hope so too.
Wish me luck!
rsj's avatar
That's great for Alias and all, but what does this mean for Yenny? Do you have another publisher lined up? Are you interested in one?
DaveAlvarez's avatar
I certainly do, but I got these news today so I may have to look for another one.
Rapsody's avatar
Wow! that is awesome news-- I was really looking for a good Christian Comic Publisher-- I love Alias! :heart: This is very good news indeed. ^_^
lordpepito's avatar
es bueno ver una compa~ia solo produciendo comics cristianos pero yo todavia no he visto un comic cristiano en mi vida. Ahora que vas hacer con Jenny? Ya tienes un publisher nuevo o algo?
DaveAlvarez's avatar
Estas noticias las recibí hoy.
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