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In case if your still active, I'm creating a page on the D&D wiki for the kappa so can I please use this for the image?
i want that on my skin
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This is amazing. Well done.
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Coolest depiction of a kappa I've ever seen.
I'm making an ebook about Japan and Japanese history, will self-publish, can I use this image? I can't afford to pay, would of course attribute. Thank you.
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No, I'm afraid not. The art is owned and copyrighted to Paizo Publishing/Pathfinder RPG.
Ah well, thanks for letting me know.
Never realised you did work for Paizo, amazing picture as always.
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does it really have a pond in the head? I'd like to know what happens if the water is spilled out =)
Dino-Mario's avatar
It loses its powers and dies
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lol thats a wicked kappa!!:D
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when my mate told me what these things do to people, i nearly died.
DraskyVanderhoff's avatar
Why the water in the head ? i know about kappa japanese creatures but i didn't remember that feature.
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wow, that's cool!
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First picture of a kappa I've really liked! Never seen the water bowl head pulled off!
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That's awesome, man! Very well done! :D
SymbioJoe's avatar
Wait what? Does he have his own well in his head?
matjfk's avatar
freaky awesome kappa design !
The-Confuddled-Hint's avatar
Most Epic kappa i've seen :o
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*bows respectfully to the kappa and to Dave* Well done, sir, well done!
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Fkn ace, mister!
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