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Charkov - World of Warcraft

An older piece from 2008.

Copyright : World of Warcraft / Blizzard Entertainment
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Get that Gnome! I love the expressions on there faces. Great work!
venjix515's avatar
Now I like this! Three reasons: 1: my character is a unread, 2: he's a warlock, 3: I hate the alliance!!
sharnara's avatar
Heartstone card!
NiuidTheDruid's avatar
If you made that then you are in hearthstone my friend
voiavictor's avatar
Relinquish022's avatar
That..Is very creepy...
TheRedLionHeart's avatar
I want to say that's mind flay but I just don't know.. Amazing, anyway!
tremedar's avatar
Seeing as this is the art for the mind flay card in hearthstone....I'd say that's a safe bet ;)
gage111's avatar
its actually mind blast
Necromancer7272's avatar
looks a ton like mind flay
nightmar3m00n's avatar
great art!you are realy taleneted!..but..why do people makethe undead less than,say,bloodelves?i realy love this!
fractalus13's avatar
The look on that undead's face is fantastic!
Toermentor's avatar
ouch! nice job thou :)
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Takanahara's avatar
So which attack is this? XD Mind Flay?
KillaJake117's avatar
Damn, that gnome got roflstomped. For the Horde!
I might be an ally...but I can't help but laugh in the face of that damned gnome.
RLFedun's avatar
It's probably wrong that I love seeing Gnomes being destroyed in any way imaginable...especially by Undead. Awesome artwork, as usual, sir!
thevampiredio's avatar
wahahhahah! gnomes! let em have it!
ScottPurdy's avatar
Haha, that's a beauty Dave!
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