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Coptright : Pathfinder/ Paizo Publishing
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I LOVE this Beast .. It could pass as an Awesome Kaiju !!
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NecroTechno's avatar
Man, my party ran into one of these. Damn near ripped us to shreds! DX

Still, *very* cool art.
MissMuffinTop's avatar
It's gargantuan. O.O; I thought it was like, Large maybe, but woah.
3shades's avatar
I love this design. I wonder what would have turned out had they given you the Jabberwock to illustrate.
WhoDrewThis's avatar
Excellent, but it needs to be more frumious. :P
3shades's avatar
Frumious Bandersnatch is a type of its own in Pathfinder ;)
WhoDrewThis's avatar
I know. But you can never be to frumious. :D
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Incredible work! I really like how you presented this iconic creature! Very well done! :D
Doug-Quixote's avatar
Still one of my more favorite poems, though I had never conceptualized what they would look like. Well done.
great design, looks a bit like the one i did for another company, only yours is fuzzy...
love it
4rTist's avatar
looks a bit like creature from Pandora, but never the less looks nice
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