2018 FTW!!

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I hope you guys had a great Holidays, I don't really do resolutions but I do set goals! One of which is to gain more knowledge in 2D -both traditional and digital mediums as well as learn different systems of art like sculpting in ZBrush and clay. Another goal of the year is to crank out 2X as much solid work as I did last year including 2 books! What are you guys striving for this year?
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A very Happy New Year to you, Dave. I'll just take getting well enough to finish the drawings and paintings I had to stop in the middle of. For some odd reason; clients are only pleased with WIPs for a short time.
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Gonna try to be more creative this year, I have a resolution of at least one piece of art, be it digital, traditional, written, or whatever, per month for the entire year.
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hey one of my plans for this year is sculpting aswell 3d and with clay :)
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No real resolution, just goal to get all 6 issues of Savage Sasquanaut done and figure out how to put it out in the world, whether it be series of Kickstarter campaigns or continue the push to get a publisher. Also want to get my next creator owned joint some real legs under it and hopefully start adapting Sasquanaut into a YA novel. Lots and lots to do.
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Happy New Yer, Dave!