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You shouldn't touch that...

Upcoming Cable cover, had a good time with this one all the noodling on the arm was WAY too much fun....
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This looks amazing.
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muy bien logrado el virusmecanismo, convincente

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Fucking awesome.
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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Ah Thanks very much
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I like his facial expression. D;
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Hey thanks I was pretty happy how that turned out
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I just wish I had skills like that.
I would *love* to do my own comic books, and then get permission from marvel to steal Deadpool as a recurring guest character. But I can't, as I'm not good enough that people would actually want to buy what I drew.
You keep on drawing though, I love your art!!
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You do the same, just keep drawing and surrounding yourself with people who are better than you-Keep drawing - Keep growing and It'll happen!!! I was well into my 30's before I got my first pro comic gig, it only gets sweeter!!!
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Did you go to college for design? And if so did that help any? (sorry for the interrogation, I'm just really excited)
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NP I took some computer classes in Quark and Corel ( a loooong time ago ) Now it's In design and Photoshop. Mainly to familiarize myself with the computer and how to make it work for me, ultimately it's just like a pencil, paintbrush or airbrush it's just a tools to make your art!! Then you pick up tips from people, nowadays thee are tons of DVDs and tutorials online to learn a process -it's all out there just be patient and keep scribblin'
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I will, thanks!!
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what's happening to cable!!! he's hands all screwed up . dude what issue will this cover be featured on???
excellent cover
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Thanks!!! I think it's 17, I know it drops in July
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cool. i'll be on the look out for it. cheers
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these rock, just amazing!!
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Pretty awesome.
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Sweet, I dont think Cable has had enough HQ treatments.
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Thanks man hopefully I'll get to do a couple more with him...
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Dave your artwork is totally wicked my friend, I'm so glad you started to show your work, it gives me shivers whenever I look at the quality of it, and what we might have missed if you had not decided to show your art....damn straight this is wicked stuff my friend, wicked!!!!
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Right on man thanks, now I've got way more Splatterhouse to get to (and comic con to get ready for DAMN it's almost here)
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Cheers Dave, your artwork is bloody wicked mate, I really love it , thanks for sharing it with us, cheers Dave
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