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The Fall of the House of Damaskinos

By Dave-Wilkins
I did this for the GDT art show months ago, totally thought I lost the file...
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So freakin cool.


Love Love Love 
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Blade 4 pleeease! Blade is the exact type of guy who is missing these years in movies like seriously IMO.
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I love both Nomak and Blade from the movie!
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yeah they were awesome
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If only this was the DVD and Blue Ray cover art.
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Really well done. Blade's face/expression is perfect. The bats are a nice toucH!
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Dude, awesome work man!  I love Blade!  I spent more than 1k to recreate his costume, sword, vest, overcoat and all :)
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"Some mother****ers are always trying to ice skate uphill."
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hahahahaa indeed!!
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The Best!! Blade Rules!!!
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Bravo on this piece, man. :)
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I beyond love this. Blade 2 had my all time favorite vampire, the villain of the movie. And this right here is just a fantastic piece of art, great job dude! Great job!
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Right on, Thanks!!
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