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SplatterHouse Fangoria Cover

WOW Huge Milestone for me. First game to ever grace the cover of Fangoria!!! Fangoria Magazine was a huge part of my childhood, I still have boxes of them from the 80's in my Mom's garage and a few framed up in my office at home.To get the opportunity to do a cover for them was huge for me-Cheers fellas...Thanks a ton!!
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i love ur works qAq!
vampir3brunch's avatar
holy cow this is fabulous!
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My brother loves this game. :)
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Truly an underrated classic.
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Got this as my wallpaper
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mastaczajnik's avatar
whoaaaaa!!!! great one! I love this game!
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thanks man diggin up more splat all the time
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Please could I share some of your work on my Horror page? I will of course credit you for it and show a link to your page or website? :)
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the eyeball tells the whole story
AlexTheEchidna's avatar
That guy in the background has one hell of a Shocked face going on.
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