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This is the latest piece I did for Sideshow, lots of great guys behind the scenes making it happen for this one!! SO MUCH FUN!
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Just a lot of badass awesomeness blowing up here!  
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HOLLY MOLLY what a great one! Specially the skull version! LOVE IT!!! Great one ;)
Would be cool to make a collab with you too ;) just so i you would like to check here you have my fb page…
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Look out! Here comes the Deadpool Family!
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:clap: Awesome awesome Work!!! :la:
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God this piece is amazing, I love Deadpool Corps too
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You....why are you so awesome at this??!

Such great work. :3
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Ha it's deadpool he's super fun
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Yes i know. I just like thé illustration of different deadpools there. XD
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ahhh Thanks very much :)
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The Drool-Pool is growing as we eagerly await this excellent art print ^_^ 
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Excellent looking piece of Deadpool Art - great work Dave - I have mine ordered with Sideshow for a month now. So looking forward to it being shipped in next 30 days or so. Very limited piece at 300. So, you did the "automated pencil signature." No difference, do tell, can/will you hand sign it at a show? Thanks. <maybe draw in a lil Squirrel Pool? or didn't you get the rights to the lil nut? LOL)
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HA!! Awesome man, glad you dig it, yeah if I have time- and have it for a minute i might be able to squirrel pool it up
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Dave, will you be selling any other prints of this other than through Sideshow? Got to meet you last year at Alamo City Con in San Antonio. Looking forward to seeing you there again this year. Any plans of you releasing a book with your art? I love books more than prints. Plus you get the story behind them. Thanks
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Not this man, this was a Sideshow print, only they can sell it
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The detail on this piece is just blowing my mind! You never fail to amaze me with your work. :heart: Awesome stuff. Not to mention- Deadpool just makes any kind of art piece fabulous. Lol! 
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:) Thanks so much !!
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You're so welcome! :heart:
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they all look so great! :D 
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