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Green Arrow round 2

By Dave-Wilkins
The Hunted! Our boy Green Arrow is having a rough day at the office fa sho
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© 2011 - 2021 Dave-Wilkins
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More like Hawkeye than Ollie. (HUGE Neal Adams GA fan)
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
More like New 52 than classic...I feel your pain, I dig the goatee but it wasn't the direction DC was going with him anymore- guess they wanted him to match the show more
Phenometron's avatar
Hope he pulls through.
Black-Falcon01's avatar
I just faved a bunch of your work, and this is your best in my opinion. The pose, the drama, everything about this tells a story.
This is excellent work, I love it!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
Ah Thanks very much man!
Korah15's avatar
definately a bad day when he is down to one arrow left!
MrCarlLister's avatar
Love the colour / lighting

And that's a great pose; beaten but he wants more :D
AndgIl's avatar
deralbi's avatar
Man, it looks so damn cool!
Great work!
orabich's avatar
great illustration!


:groups: [link]
VanRah's avatar
XD so crazy!^^ (hahaha!!! this version of Green Arrow is sexy XD)
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
it's the messed up hair and the bloody nose :)
VanRah's avatar
hahahaha!!! it's very great XDDDDD
cheeks-74's avatar
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick wit it!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
Thanks my dude, Congrats again on the BAMBINOooooooo!!
Chuckdee's avatar
...........Dave?.......why is your Green Arrow so damn sexy???....
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
It's the stubble... SWOON...;)
Chuckdee's avatar
dammit, how come my stubble just makes me look 'stinky' then??? hahahah
Chuckdee's avatar
hahahahah... showering and grooming is highly overrated!
PlanetDarkOne's avatar
Man, this is spectacular. Real vivid!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
Thanks bro, where you been!?!?
TitanDraugen's avatar
Green Arrow looks so...young. :D
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
yeah he's all young in the new series starting this week!!
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