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Green Arrow...4

By Dave-Wilkins
Our boy is having a rough time of it for sure with mystery lady handing out beatdowns and bullets. December cover I think :)
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nekokawai's avatar
Gorgeous but why do those pistol grips tiny??
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
They would have gotten cut off, in the final cover trim so the decision was made to shrink em :)
nekokawai's avatar
Ahhh makes sense.
Nijis's avatar
I really loved this when I saw it in the comic!
digitalinkrod's avatar
WOW!This is pure awesomeness!:wow:
orabich's avatar
Great illustration, is magnificent! the color is great.


:groups: [link]
Chuckdee's avatar
OOOHH NICE! I hadn't seen this one!!!... DUDE, luvs me how chunky you make the forearm guards look!!! heheheh... I know I know, tech-fetishism!!! eheheheh
littlestark's avatar
kick ass, awesome work
Dom-Dynamite-Murphy's avatar
DAYUM! Mr. Wilkins youve done it again! Quality job sir!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
Thanks man, I want a "TEETH" shirt!
Dom-Dynamite-Murphy's avatar
haha you do?....maaaan i wudn feel right you wearin some of my old not worthy haha...was goin doin some zombo fanart soon though when i get work it into a tshirt and put it up on my redbubble if ya want?
xavirfrost's avatar
This is my favorite design of Green Arrow. Terrific job. :D
bullets versus arrows who shall win????
DSil's avatar
Haha, very appropriate palette for December. I like the glowing border around him, and the rendering is great of course.
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
Snap! I totally didn't know it was for December when I was doing it, but you're right
RadillacVIII's avatar
What's up with the white part at his cheek? Other then that it looks sexy :)
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
LOL it's called "down to the wire", after I blob in the rim lights I usually go in and feather all that stuff so it looks like the rim light on his sideburns -I kinda missed a spot there so it's way loose :)
RadillacVIII's avatar
Hehe aight that's out of my dp knowledge :P

I do like the loose feather look except that tiny little spot, but you're the boss ^u^
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
lol not yet I screw up all the time :)
AlexGarner's avatar
Great cover Dave. Mystery Lady is amazingly well done.
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
Cbizkit's avatar
I'd kill for a comic with your autograph, Dave=)
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