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Green Arrow...

By Dave-Wilkins
Now that Newsarama posted it I can show my first cover for DC Comics and it's with for one of the major players the Arrow himself!! Super stoked to get that call, much more to come ;)
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You have failed this City!
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Ollie without the van dyke beard? Sacrilegious, man.
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I know man, but it's what I was told-
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He's got a great goatee to match, too. :)
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Very nice artwork, the perspective is great!
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Thanks very much :)!
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You're welcome!
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Looking a lot like Justin Hartley's GA from Smallville. I like it! Well done
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that arrow almost looks like the DA logo :p awesome work man!!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
HA! Thanks  man
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
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I seriously LOVE this piece. I bought this and number 2 from a local shop. That said, an sideways bow is kinda hard to shoot from, but still amazing regardless. This should totally be a giant print I can buy and hang on the wall :-p
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
I thought so too but I was told it was a "Trick Shot" or something because "He can do that"
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Took inspiration from the Avengers Hawkeye shot? It seems pretty popular now-a-days anyway.
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Actually this is almost 3 yrs old, so I have no idea
bbfan77's avatar
freaking awesome man, I gotta say that the cover art attracted me the most to this issue when I saw it at a book store and I'm definitely getting it soon :D
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
RIGHTEOUS!!! Glad you dig it!
T-cromartie-art's avatar
Saw this at the comic book store the other day good job!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
aaaaah cool cool
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I really wanted to get this comic
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mmm... good job... but... the string must be under the arm.
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