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another pin -up...Deadpool is the man
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Let smash those burgers out!
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Deadpool - Bad mood Next time you see a sandwich with someone's name on it, don't eat it scumbag!
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I thought this was perfect, since its Deadpool we're talking about  XD
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This may be super old but it still blows my mind. It must have taken so much practice to become this good. I wish I can be as good as you one day. Can't wait to take a look at your latest art. You earned a watch and fave, sir.
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Right on thanks very much, I have to wait just a bit longer to post stuff that has been done for months hahaha
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Wow man, awesome Deadpool you made there :O Congrats!
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ah dude thanks so much- so olddddddddddddddddddddd
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That came out cool.
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:O soooo it might be a little late... but can i use this image as a painting i want to work on... lol i okay i've already finished it... and i traded it for a new tv... lol his kid loved the painting! couldn't make it as nice as yours but i still like how it turned out... check out my profile?? lol pointers? critique??? bash it??? yell at me??? *hides*
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Ha- it came out sweet, I'm glad it worked out for you :)
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Lol thank you for your assistance in acquiring a tv! It's about the only piece of living room furniture I have for my condo... Got borrowed camping chairs as my couch...
I literally don't use half my condo... Soo the tv has helped tremendously in my procrastination!
I don't know you at all... But...
1) I hate you out of sheer jealousy of your skills
2) you're awesome
3) I love you
4) marry me
5) I have your bun in the oven... Whaaaaaa totally really happened I swear on my real life unicorn!
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Hahahahaa, I'm jealous of your traditional skills, I need to get back there- organics are WAY more fun
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lol i've tried writing about 40 versions of a response to that comment... and i've come with D: 


i'm totally blushing right now that you're jealous of anything... 
but I'm quite sure if you did pick up a paint brush.. you'd kill it... in either complete epic amazing work... or with fists and lighters... in either situations it's going to be a beautiful sight... 
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HA! I'm hoping to get back to it this week -fingers crossed
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lol i say that every evening... esp on weekends... but i always end up with more chocolate bar wrappers around me instead... lol i have a nice little pot belly happening... totally going to be swimsuit ready this summer and pssssh that dress for my sisters wedding.. Hah! no problem... D: 

gosh i hope you have a lot better luck than i do... i wanna see results!!! :D even pre-ashes if it gets to that point... which i think would only happen because you wanted to see something burn... 
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hahahaha I'm starting small- a painted sketch maybe
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everyone is so good at drawing deadpool! TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS!!!
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