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Cable n' Hope

Yeah my kids suck, they all come out looking Disney/Pixar...which is awesome stuff...if that was what I was going for...
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Haha interesting problem. A hard style to apply to a kids face.
Both very well drawn. I like the almost sketchy style you've used for Cable. Might try tackling this child cartoon conundrum.
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working on it...sloooooooooooooooooooooowly
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adore the contrast here! once again well done!
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The truth is kids are the difficult subject to draw,especially for a lot the top in the comic book biz,yours' looks good tho...
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The cover of one of my favourite comics in recent years.
I love Cable.
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Yea I will agree the kid looks out of place, but still, it's pretty sweet.

Though it might just be the colouring that makes the kid look odd, eh? Like, is he standing there thinking of someone... or is that someone's ghost or...?

Meh. I dunno. I'm not the professional here. I do find it a little confusing though.

Actually, you would probably know. I'm poor with anatomy, but do kids have the same size of heads as adults?
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Dude I love everything about this drawing! Way to go!
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She looks really cool, dude! It kind of reminds me of Jade from that Jackie Chan cartoon. . . Jeff Matsuda i think was the name of the artist. . . it looks really cool!
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Thanks man yah I worked with Matsuda for a bit the guy is so good and so prolific you can't help but get influenced by him
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Yeah the guy is amazing! Even tough he is the one to blame for the most awful Joker design ever in The Batman cartoon ... seriously
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I think it is awesome. The contrast between the two art styles shows an awesome contrast between the two characters.
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Thanks man I definitely suffer from old habits drawing kids
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nah, is this from the actual comic? because i have one of those comics and it looks similar.
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yeah this cover came out last week I think
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That is so amazingly kewl. Do you ever go into a comic book store with your friends and point at a comic and say, "I drew that."? Cause i so would if i were as good as you. Also do you do the entire comics or just the covers? Sorry I'm asking alot of questions, I just feel like I met someone famous.
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Mostly covers right now because I'm busy with work, but I am doing cover and interior on a book right now - I'll post those pages soon...and I don't point out my covers I just stand by the comic and giggle like a school girl
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i so would too!!! That is so totally awesome!!! You are one of my new heroes, right up there with Clayton Crain. Tell me, has deadpool be in any of these new Cable Meesiah comics yet, cause i heard he had.
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yeah he has and Ariel Olivetti's Deadpool is sick man
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WTH man? They let you get that close to the old days, but not all the way? You COULD have snuck in bigger shoulder/knee pads... At least they let you hide the feet, LOL.

There aren't enough Xs on that little cutie! I can still see costume under all that! The TRUE X-character must be covered in a minimum of 15 at any given time.

(Clearly hasn't read the comic)

I guess it DOES look pretty kickass though...
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hahahaha yeah they wanted him all in the back the concept was he was 2 years in the past and she's in the same place in the present (well their present) I should have went there...DAMN i was too busy matching Ariel's suit
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She did come out pretty well...

I blame your editor from dropping the ball and NOT telling you you weren't X-TREME TO THE MAX! enough to "keep it real." *shakes head and sighs* What's the world coming to?

Must a deranged artist like myself start running about swiping and XTREME!ifying artwork?
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