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Cable 19 done..

Full colors I still like the orange one but that's just me...Thanks again Nei for helping me out with pointers on the blood (I still need to figure that out...ugh)

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Great Cover Art for a fantastic issue!!!
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weyt a sec... what the hell are doing the broods in the future?

well it doesnt matters xD

amazing work witch cable!
bishop loocks like a pirat!
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soon all the answers will be clear lol
the-sketchman's avatar
ho ho ho
thats sound interesting!
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This is unbelievable the brood are back! I've been longing to see these creepies get the smack down.
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
yup yup in a big way
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Awesome work as always Dave... but I'm still waiting for Axel Alonso to push forward on Deathlok.. and have you do the covers (in the least). :D

Keep it up!
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I'll do some digging there myself man...I've been patient now it's time to bug 'em
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I feel bishop is a bit...stuck in the middle...
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oh well, i meant, although i like our stile A LOT and i totally dig your other covers, there is something a bit abnormal. it could be the position of the gun compared to the hand. a bit unnatural to see such a twist... but hey, that's your work and i like it anyway when out, even with the orange blood thing :whisper:
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hahahahaaa yeah it's always one thing or another man fudged anatomy here perspective there...and of course deadline-lol
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This tightened up beautifully! :thumbsup:
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hey thanks man I had a good time on this piece
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Final came out nice man!
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Thanks bruddah mang'
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Badass to the maximum! I love how you painted it!
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Thanks man I'm learning to loosen up a bit
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One-eyed, one arm man with a gun from the future vs one-eyed, one arm man with a gun from the future...


Awesome pic, BTW.
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
lol I snuck a little bit of shoulder pad action in there hahahahaa He still won't get back to me about the xforce cover homage
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