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Batman Arkham Unhinged

By Dave-Wilkins
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MY FIRST REAL BATMAN COVER AND IT'S FOR ARKHAM CITY...MY MIND = BLOW'D UP!...Thanks to my dude Chuck D AKA Carlos D'Anda for getting me the Gig- Forever in your debt bro
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Great gallery Dave, usual suspects but some very nice variations on the norm.
May I ask are they paint/digital mix?
Superb, thank you for sharing your work.
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Hey back atcha man, thanks so much- yeah it's a mix of washes and digital when I have time, most of the time lately I havent so it's a ballpoint thumbnail scanned in and rendered on top of
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It's so perfect! I'm interesting in this game now.
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Ah, so you are the one who illustrated the cover!
I just so happened to buy the book, great work!
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indeed i'm guilty- thanks so much!!
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I love this game, except for the fact Hugo Strange is a moron and Arkham City is dumbest plan in video game history. Anyways, this picture is great and it is so going into my favorites.
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hahaha thanks man yeah, I think they just loved to hear John Noble speak, that dude has an amazing voice
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But John Noble wasn't in Arkham City. He as only in Arkham Knight, which also has an incredibly stupid story. In fact I think I see a pattern of the Arkham games stories. It goes good, bad, good, bad. Like the old Star Trek movies only in revisers.  
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OHHHHHHHHH you're right!! yeah and it depends on which studio, whether it's Rocksteady or Montreal that does the game...
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I don't know about that. After all Arkham Origins was my favorite out of the series and it was developed by Montreal, while all the others which where mostly awesome, except Arkham Knight, was made by Rocksteady.   
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really curious as to what's next for them (Rocksteady)
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Hopefully they will make another Arkham Game where they tell us Arkham Knight was just a dream or something and then give us a good Batman game that actually gives us a satisfying ending to the Arkham games.
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I'm not sure the last I heard they were out of the Arkham business and the property was going to Montreal. Seeing as they are owned by WB aka DC comics it could be interesting for sure
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I love batman costume in this game.^^

omggggggg amazing art Dave.^^ 

Thank you for share with us.^^
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It is very powerful and muscular.
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:))))))))))))))))))!!! Thank you
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Fantastic work :nod: the DD is definitely deserved ;)
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Thanks very much man
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Just fact, but sure ;)
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Batman is truly the man. ^^
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Goddamn, it's the Batman! :iconthegoddamnbatman: :typerhappy:
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