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Another Cable...

Another good time, this one is an homage to the awesome ALIENS poster....Cable with his Ghetto Blaster of DEATH!!! Man I love 90's tech
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Man your art is awesome.
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Thanks man I appreciate it!
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I love how you draw bishop one of my fave x-men
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Impressive work I'm assuming that's Hope Summers he's holding?
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I thought so!
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love that he's back in cable and the X force
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Ripley once said: They were afraid of fire and not much else.

I guess Cable is the "much else."
locusta's avatar
Great Ripley reference. Love that whole composition and the coloring is great done. Wow, that´s a hell of a pulse rifle re-design ;)
Looks like an even more bad ass version of mad max
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MAD MAX would be a sick comic to do...
yes, yes it would.
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Cable is one bad ass mofo...
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i love the idea! and love this pic! ;)
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Wow this is great!
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Your work is incredible.
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Love the Al()ENS Reference
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Not a big fan of Cable (haven't read anything with him, I did see the animated X-Men series from the 1990's but I avoid Rob Liefield like the bubonic plague), but I luvv your art-style.
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Thanks man, yeah I'm gonna post a new Cable piece I did in a bit, his origin page!!
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