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Currently busy writing, drawing and publishing Glamourpuss and Cerebus Archive (which you can get at ComiXpress.com via the link at Cerebus.TV) and producing the weekly CerebusTV Internet TV show!

Current Residence: The Off White House
Favourite cartoon character: Cerebus

Favourite Movies
Cerebus 3D
Favourite TV Shows
Highlights include: An update and film from Gerhard ; the High Society Digital Download premieres; a  Cerebus Movie update; Cerebus animation by Oliver Simonsen; Dave Sim Cerebus head sketches and convention coverage; The Robin Barnard mystery continues; Plus - prints and original art.
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CEREBUS TV Shannon WHEELER Too Much Coffee Man #15 S3 Feb 10-17 All this week, on demand iPad/iPhone, Flash or streaming video at Cerebus TV! SHANNON WHEELER and his legendary TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN - The comic strip, the comic book, the magazine and now, thanks to DARK HORSE Books, THE 566-page OMNIBUS! What, the Too Much Coffee Man OPERA? (Seriously!) Where did the concept for TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN come from? Is the cartoonist in the strip really autobiographical? JOHN SCRUDDER found out - now you can, too. DAVE SIM performs his two-page TOO MUCH COFFEE LIQUEUR MAN from his Cerebus graphic novel GUYS. Watch to the END CREDITS and
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All this week, on demand or streaming video at CerebusTV! How did DAVE SIM's involvement with DIAMOND comics distributing lead to CEREBUS becoming a DJ in Washington, DC? What an incredible response! Cerebus.TV fans have spoken - they have promised to buy a DC comic if it features WONDER WOMAN exploding, after SSA (the real life secret identity of PR Guru SANDEEP ATWAL) and DAVE SIM explored the Big Bang implosion implications of the rapidly shrinking DC comic book universe. Check out last week's #11 on the On Demand video page at Wonder Woman Explodes in #11 The OTHER star of GLAMOURPUSS #12 continues to storm the UK indie comix sce
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I came across your Indie Comic Character: Cerebus and his Indie Comic series about 6 years ago in mid to late 2016 in four steps, step 1 of me discovering your now 45 year old Indie ComicVark (as of 2-11-2022 of this comment of course) was through the 2nd Ultimate Collection Volume of the Mirage Era Ninja Turtles, step 2 was looking up your oldest indie comic character/indie comic series on Wikipedia, step 3 was buying the original 1st Volume Book of Cerebus at a vintage comic shop called Pulp Fiction, and step 4 after that was discovering your Cerebus Film Adaptation’s then work in progress was by searching your aardvard’s name on YouTube which led me to following your Cerebus film adaptation’s then work in progress on YouTube until the Cerebus Indie Movie came out years later in late 2021 after that.

I just wanna say that I consider both your innovative and evolving comic art style Gerhard’s cover/background art that you once did for both yourself in issues 1 to 64 and then later with your former comic partner: Gerhard later in issues 65 to 300 with the 3D like gradient crosshatching and stippling/screentoning as my greatest/favorite art style inspirations for my current art styles ever, and I hope your Cerebus Remaster projects will hopefully also get a trilogy like pack of three omnibus books that would collect issues 1 to 100, 101 to 200, as well as 201 to 300 someday one of these days.

I am a greek fan ever since Spawn #10 till Cerebus #300.

Even tho I came late to the party, and the story didn't really make a lot of sense to me (because I guess I came late to the party), I just felt the need to connent now, after all these years, and say 'Hi!'.
Thanks for helping out my career Dave. I was an honor to get to write a guest column on your blog momentofcerebus.blogspot.com


Thank you so much!
Dear Mr. Sim,

        With all due honors I am a struggling illustrator myself. I would like to turn your attention to my own personal website. www.skizamarts.com I do this not to advertise myself to you, but to kindly ask your wishes, approval and permission to make use of your character Cerebus. As he appears within the story line of my own personal illustrated story. What has been noted of the character cerebus within my story is as is. And I don't feel that there will be any other appearances of himself. To this day I have not earned any profit from the offering of my website to the public, but so as I seek for publishing in the future I found it necessary to ask for your approval. Otherwise I may have to redesign and rewrite certain factors of the story line. You may notice also there is a parallel I draw with the Flaming carrot who I will also be seeking correspondence with the author and illustrator. No pressure. It is a bit of a extensive in size site. So take your time. If you wish to answer my correspondence with you wikelise.deviantart.com is the place. As I have always loved the story cerebus, I could not think of a better cameo of a character to utilize to get the point across. 

                    Thank you for your time and consideration
                                  Jeffrey Scott Streeter
                                             Flemington N.J.
Get better soon!  We're worried about ya!
Started reading Cerebus from the beginning earlier this year.  It is AMAZING, sir!  I was a fan from the first story.  That is how I would like to write comics.
just another internet stalker: pay it no mind...

P.S - how's the wife 'n kids? :P