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A Warm Welcome

By Dave-Shino
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One of the prints I prepared for Animefest 2015. I really like how the overall scenery turned out.

Big thanks to :icon1elda1: for constructive criticism ^^
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Tuvieja1100's avatar
I don't know if I should trust her xD
SomeRandomWriter's avatar
wow it looks like she doesn't want to murder me nice jorb bruh
NobelzART's avatar
the colors really shine in this one! 
soumakyo's avatar
very nice scene!
STEAMHOUND60's avatar
mujibkazami's avatar
awh mam.. eh i mean yuuka san XD
ahaha beautifull background here and yuuka look cheerful //slap
Dave-Shino's avatar
I also got slapped for drawing that picture.... it felt good
LostRey's avatar
Very beautiful work!

Yuuka: Oh, welcome! Now get out from my field before I blow you up! ^_^
cokeboy's avatar
Its a lovely scene alright! Great work!  :w00t:
PixSweet-Reverie's avatar
Good job, long time no see :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Dave-Shino's avatar
Thanks, I have been working on school projects and my game a lot lately. That's why I haven't been putting out much. Hopefully the exams will be over soon. ^.^
PixSweet-Reverie's avatar
I wish you success, I feel like your style have improved (or maybe just changed), I like it, I always liked your works anyway, I worked alot on drawing to lately, I'm really late at this but...
Have a nice day!
JuanchoDLN's avatar
nice, summer day's garden sun 
Your skill improved!
Dave-Shino's avatar
Thanks a lot! :happybounce: 
MasterOfHelium's avatar
I see your style has improved a lot in this picture, I like how the lineart became more clear and pronounced!
Dave-Shino's avatar
Thanks, I used to draw just plain black lineart, but clearly toning it down a little to reflect the colour of the fill makes it so much better.
Psyco-Walfas's avatar
Prepare yourself, Summer is coming with all her/his fellow crazy/mad kids.
WatcherCCG's avatar
Who's out in the background with Elly?
Dave-Shino's avatar
Wriggle, the one and only sunflower sidekick.
WatcherCCG's avatar
Ah, of course. Wasn't sure.
Dave-Shino's avatar
I buffed up the available size a little. I made it way too small. ^^
WatcherCCG's avatar
Yeah, that's Wriggle's double cape.
calponpon's avatar
very clean - this turned out great!
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