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I say, has anyone seen Gregory?
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Tales from a Failed State, Report #1 by dave-llamaman, literature

White Star fucks with the gecko. Hijinks ensue. by dave-llamaman, literature

Black Funnel Line by dave-llamaman, literature

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Tales from a Failed State, Report #1 by dave-llamaman, literature

White Star fucks with the gecko. Hijinks ensue. by dave-llamaman, literature

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My Bio

The saga of Big Dave, The Pontefract Llama Dresser is a long, long story. So we won't dwell.

Dave was born at an early age to parents of both sexes, in Pontefract hospital on 31st October 1980 (Hallowe'en. Speaks volumes). The irregular heart rythm in the womb, and subsequent smack on the bonce with a concrete floor aged 6 may have done their part to contribute to his current state of insanity. Going through university in order to drink himself into a coma, Dave actually managed to get a degree in Politics at the end of it. This was a shock, as he'd intended studying Journalism.


* Dave was investigated into involvement in a ring smuggling illicit teacozies into the Soviet Bloc in the 1980s

* He lists his hobbies as beer, girls, PlayStation and yelling at articulated lorries

* Jim NEVER fixed it for him. He is now somewhat thankful for this fact.

* Has a strange, intangible hatred of the number 47

* Is currently holding auditions for a comedy sidekick, but only if he's called Ron

* Almost got suspended from school, age seven, for starting a pontoon school using Monopoly money

* To this day doesn't know where his rosemary grows

* The death ray is in the works, and one day we shall all bow to him, his giant space station and fleet of funky orange space shuttles

* Only some of these facts are correct

Favourite Visual Artist
Andy Warhol
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, MCU, Stanley Kubrick movies, far too many to mention
Favourite TV Shows
Almost anything SF/fantasy related or surrealy funny
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Danko Jones, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Pearl Jam, loads more...
Favourite Books
Discworld series, The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall, Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire, The War of the Worlds
Favourite Writers
Douglas Adams, Spike Milligan, Terry Pratchett
Favourite Games
Metal Gear and Resident Evil series'
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation in all its flavours
Tools of the Trade
Have laptop will travel
Other Interests
Cosplay, cricket, rugby, shouting at lorries on the motorway
Been taking a few weeks off for the sake of my own sanity, such as it is. Doesn't seem to have helped.
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Piers Morgan, known around the world as "that dickhead from that thing", has resigned from his breakfast TV job after going off on a truly heinous rant about the Duke & Duchess of Sussex's interview with Oprah Winfrey that garnered a record number of viewer complaints. He's gone. The over-grilled gammon has finally offed his fuck after whining that somebody he doesn't like because reasons, must obviously have lied about having suicidal thoughts because what does she have to be depressed about? And then, just to add insult to self-inflicted injury, he arrogantly dismisses Harry's confession of the man's own family being racist towards Meghan in his presence. Fuck. Me. It's weird really, considering that he's been the only TV journalist even pretending to hold this pathetic excuse for a government to account in the last 12 months that he'd so spectacularly fuck it up. Although the point ought to be made that things have gotten so lax that this was a thing that happened. I know BBC News
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"FRE YOU'RE MIND THINK 4 YRSELV!" claims credulous fuckwit that'll believe any old toss so long as it plays into his persecution complex. So tell me this, numbnuts: if Covid is a lie and part of a conspiracy by "DA GUVMANT" to control the population, what is to be gained? Why would a neoliberal government fixated with nothing more than making rich people richer at the expense of everything and everyone else, tank the economy and cost their buddies in finance BILLIONS, just to stop me from going down the pub on a Friday night? I need to stop going on Twitter...
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thank you so much for the fave 💗

Thanks for the fave

Check-out my others channels

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this last you can buy, coffee mugs, printed canvas, T-shirt ...

Hello, it's BJF. I've seen your reply to mcspyder's post on his made-from-scratch map of Dominion Island in regards to creating topographical maps. I was thinking that you could look for topographical filters for Photoshop or other programs like Paint (dot) net, GIMP, or Corel. These filters help create the topographical look you're wanting to emulate if you were to create a map of your own. A lot of the topography filters are adjustable so you can play with it to get the look of a topographic map as you desire. Trying to create them in MSPaint itself is painstaking and very time consuming. Hit up Google or Bing and search "topographical filters for photoshop" or the equivalent program you use. Most of the filters for Photoshop can be crossed over to Paint (dot) net or GIMP allowing you to use those filters the same way as Photoshop.

thank you so much for the fave dear, wishing you a safe and wonderful 2021!

Thank you for your support.

You are more than welcome.

Some interesting alt history here. Ever thought of doing something based on the North American F108 Rapier?