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Take care of the Princess Mr. Spock

It seemed a fitting tribute from one franchise to another
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J.J. Abrams's collaborators: "Fascinating".

IN LOVING MEMORY OF LEONARD NIMOY (3/26/1931 - 2/27/2015)

In loving memory of our princess Carrie Fisher (10/21/1956 - 12/28/2016)

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nice but if your going to have young Leia you should of went with young Spock as well instead one old and one young.
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I used the pictures I had on hand that were of matching definitions, older pictures of Spock would have been too small to use.
He looks like Dracula contemplating a new innocent victim...
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Great picture!!!
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Oh yes, this is so fitting <3 <3 <3
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Both of them are off on another adventure ^^
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They can keep each other company. To be honest Carrie Fisher/Leia can take care of herself. She's badass like that. Wink/Razz 

Good sentiment though. Nod 
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that is awesome.
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Goodbye Carrie and Leonard...
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Once, JJ Abrams film featured Leonard Nimoy in a first two Star Trek reboot films firstly, and he featured Carrie Fisher in a first two Star Wars the third trilogy films secondly.

TWO Great legends in sci-fi gone too soon, Live long and prosper and may the force be with you both!
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I love this. Two of my absolutely favorites, now gone....
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Agreed as well.
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