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First Contact

I played around with a Star Destroyer Kit picture & a Stern View of the Refit enterprise adding a starscape background.
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a cool idea would be to make the Empire the Terran Galactic Empire, LOL.
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Beautifully designed for possibilities... :excited:
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Totally an OH SHIT, moment for the Ent.
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Jean-Luc you're next Captain Star Trek Nodding (Community Emoticon) 
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omfg Darth Vader x Captain kirk! omfg 
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The Star Destroyer has size, mass.  The Enterprise has better weapons, shields, crew, maneuvering, and speed.  Phaser vs (turbo)laser.  Right there... and there alone... the firepower advantage is with the Enterprise.  Plus, Kirk won't waste time negotiating like Picard... he'll start shooting.  And with up to 400 photon torpedoes on board, the Star Destroyer is toast.
The Enterprise would make a nice hood ornament.
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Looks awesome!
Tell me they don't have a bad feeling about this
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The Enterprise would win. Even the refit is more maneuverable than a star destroyer. And the Empire doesn't have shield tech.
The Constitution class definitely has an edge but it's phasers would barely penetrate the whole thing the only real advantage it would have is using it's antimatter torpedoes after all the star destroyer were built for high offense and defense you'd have to be very tactical and destroying the star destroyer 
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If it's the Enterprise, then Kirk's in the center seat. He has more tactical experience in his era than anyone else.
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Kirk vs. Thrawn. My money is on Thrawn.
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I've never read the Thrawn Trilogy, so I can't say.
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Actually they do have shield tech, those 2 geodesic balls are the shield generators.
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They don't seem to work very well. Seems like every rebel shot scored in the movies.
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