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Emma Watson Doorway

A very simple conversion of one of the NYT shoot pictures of Emma, I just remove the bricks & expanded the rendered surface.

To Download left click to get full size then right click & save the image.
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This is one of the better doorway photos I've seen of Emma. There is so much emotion and expression in her body language and facials that I really get put into a scene, even if the focus is her clothing rather than the surrounding reasons behind the photo.


The placement of the doorway at the left of the frame, which puts Emma at the center of the piece, is a good composition move. The bright blue catches the eyes directing the viewer to Emma.


Rendered Surface: I think you made a smart move removing the bricks from the piece. That would have been too much texture, and would have taken the eye away from Emma and her expression.


I am a big Emma fan. Along with Evanah Lynch, I think Emma is one of the best role models that has come from the HP franchise. I really like how you've focused the viewer on her and used a rendered surface to accent her being there. Everything in this piece revolves around her.
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The rendering was for the sake of ease & I felt if I had expanded the brickwork would have made the whole picture too dark.
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could you make me one copy of this wall, but without the effect on the face?
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I will see what I can do I woill probably have to do it again from the begining.

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I agree. It is a very well done piece!
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