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Always My Princess

I feel like I did when Leonard Nimoy died.

I used one of my earlier enhancements to create this piece, it was hard for me to do I was close to tears.
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I feel even worse, now that Debbie Reynolds has followed her daughter....
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For ever in our hearts. RIP Carrie Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
cryptodrakon's avatar
This is so sad... :( (Sad) 
MinteaArts's avatar
RIP Carrie Fisher, you shall hold a special place in the hearts of geeks for years to come. May the Force be with you...
ImaginationDiva's avatar
You'll forever be in our memories; RIP Carrie Fisher...
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SkyStar54's avatar
:( The Force is with her, Admiral Ackbar and Boba Fett (the original voice actor).
santiags101's avatar
May the Force be with you...
DarthPhilious's avatar
Il n'y a pas de mort ; il y a la force.
glenh865's avatar
R.I.P. Carrie!! Bummer, I remember going to the original movie when it came out. And of course, fell madly in love with her. She was a great lady. 
Gunnut51's avatar

As much as we're going to miss her, I wonder how they're going to write her out from the rest of the movies?
DesignerTJP's avatar
Hi Gunnut! Great Carrie upload from Dave indeed! I feel the Star Wars Movie Makers have a whole finished movie sequel to think about how to "send off Princess Leia". Heard Carrie Fisher had already "wrapped" her lines & appearance in the upcoming Star Wars sequel Episode 8. Hope we see her once more meet Luke Skywalker (but please no more incest love hints. smile!).
Gunnut51's avatar
But how are they going to write her out?
DesignerTJP's avatar
Hi! Well the fastest, non-lethal (no bullet shot 2 th head) way to do release/remove Princess (now General) Leia, from her Rebel Alliance Team, should begin in the first 15 minutes of Star Wars Episode 9. Here's my working script -

As Jedi Luke Skywalker is returning to a Rebel Alliance Base "reunion" that's under the Command of General Leia, all the way from some high Skywalker Adventure/Daring action we should see culminate in Episode 8, Luke is seen ending a blurry/atmospheric disturbance screen transmission with Leia onboard his modified (due to "Jedi Weight Gain") x-Wing Fighter Jet (let's have R-2 bouncin' around in the back shot as well).

General Leia is scratchily heard saying something like, 
"Great Job Luke! I owe you one. Hyperspace Coordinates show you'll be here by 2morro evening. We'll sip some Alderaan Ale over a real fire and talk about Mom (there, Leia would have revealed (to Luke) how she "willed" her pistol out of her holster to "cap" a nosey snake in the woods, on camp night)."

Sadly, once Luke breaks Hyperspace and lands his ship, he is instantly greeted and told (by a visibly shaken C-3PO), that General Leia had suddenly passed in her sleep, during last nyte, from a broken heart over the loss of her Man, Han Solo. Luke, comforts C-3PO by saying he already knew because he felt his Sister's Presence in The Force and actually saw her thru his x-Wing Fighter Cockpit Window earlier.

Because of the expert CGI we see in Rogue One on Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing), and the decent "passable" CGI on Princess Leia, we could actually survive a screen scratchy transmission CGI of our General Leia. It's her voice over lines, I'm worried about. Will the Star Wars Production Team hire a talented "Leia sounding" Voice-Over Actress? Or "sample together" an amazing (tribute) sentence structure line, by pulling whole words said by Actress Carrie Fisher from all of her movies and Public Appearances.

Whatever the results, The Force will be with us!
Gunnut51's avatar
That's a possible scene...
hermanubis93's avatar
Sad to hear the news
Teradiam's avatar
That's terrible :( May the force be with you dear princess....
BeeWinter55's avatar
May the force be with you, Liea. R.I.P. Carrie
Same here. 😭
Thunderstudent's avatar
I know she had a heart attack but I didn't know she died! This sucks, R.I.P Carrie
Darthsandr's avatar
May the Force be with you Princess Leia! R.I.P. Carrie :(
Giorou's avatar
Be force with u Carrie :'(
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