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The-Royal-Ink Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Candypout Isn't Real So.. + Nadz Confession
Please do give this journal a read. I might as well just post my overall response here towards her "confession" due to the fact I cannot edit the journal. Stupid DA app screws me over with that option.
But.. anyway.. just so people aren't confused. Nadzarki, the creator of Anethesia from the Creepypasta fandom, had made fake people for herown self benefit and to manipulate. One of the main fake people she created was Jasdavink or Dav-ink. Many know Dav-ink for Hoaxton ((which is now owned by AK, he is in a better home))
Dav-ink was Nadz the whole time, along with Candypout, Ben, Ken, that crazy fangirl, ect. It was all a sick game to her and she had played my friends, the whole Creepypasta/Slenderverse fandom, and I for 4 years straight.
Dear Nadz, now since you confessed and the truth has been revealed, I want you to know that I will still never forgive you. You no longer
Dav-ink is alive...but that's not all.+ConfessionYeah you read it right. He is alive. HOWEVER there is a full story to this and it gets very extensive. When I first got involved in this, my friends and i weren't expecting to find this much info and potential lies from these people. I cannot stress this enough but you need to read the whole thing to fully understand what I mean. 
For starters, let me apologise to those who were deeply affected by this. I know a couple of people who were just heartbroken over hearing about his passing but for now here's a document we were able to whip out will all the evidence and proof of our claims.
Personal message to Nadz:
As much as I was heated before, right now i mostly just feel lost and unsure on what to believe anymore. Nadz you keep mentioning that you’re depressed and stuff but that doesn’t really hinder my opinion on what we gathered. Using Ken as your hacke
Dav-Ink Is Not Real + A Message to NadzI know I have plenty of followers outside the Creepypasta community who may not know what this is about and then there will be many others who have learned the truth already from SatiricalKat journal.
I will be linking the journal with all the proof and information needed for those who want to understand more about what is going on.
I felt the word needed to be spread about as much as possible.
The idea that Dav never existed was something that was brought up to me by SatiricalKat several months ago. We kept everything quiet until we had proof that we had all been lied to about the death of a loved member of the community. I'm glad the information is finally out there, it's been low key driving me nuts all this time that people didn't know the truth.
What Nadz / Nadzarki / DindyRose did is disgusting and for most unforgivable.
She catfished the community and her own friends by creating fake people such as Dav-Ink, Candypout, and more.
She killed off these "personas" as she calls them
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Cigaroses Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I never got a chance to say goodbye
im so sorry you had to go so soon
thank you for all the little conversations wee had jas
rest in peace i love you man 
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