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Sugar Plum Fairy - The Cabin in the Woods

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The Ballerina Dentata from The Cabin in the Woods.
She doesn't have wings in the movie, it's just a personal touch. :)

Created on Adobe Photoshop CS4
 with a mouse & keyboard.
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Nicely colored and good shading. That was a fun movie.

DausenMoore-Art's avatar

Thanks. I wish they would make another. It has endless sequel/spinoff potential.

AsapTenebrae's avatar

I like the "In utero" wings and vibe from this one ...

Monseo's avatar
I suppose the wings could make her a better hunter in the long run ;)
NeonStraightJacket's avatar
Ohhh!! I loved this movie and this character!!! Great job!! and you did all this with a mouse?!! HOLY SHAT!!
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
huuuh, you painted her well
The dress is really good
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
Beowulf1976's avatar
eeeep super scary! :D
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reyherphoto's avatar
This is creepy, and very cool.
Redsundark's avatar
i was shocked as soon i got here wow i thought i was normal till i clecked it then bam instant Classic and horror ^_^
Beowulf1976's avatar
Same, I nearly crapped myself when I saw it :D
saeusse's avatar
Wow... so creepy I love it :D
canttel's avatar
Holy shit this is nightmare fuel! Bravo!!
NeoChandler's avatar
Alidli's avatar
Well that took a turn for the worst... Good anatomy though and amazing lighting and shading!
Plaguey's avatar
Well it all looks nice.
That face is damn creepy though
But good job on this. 
A-bys-s's avatar
I love the style,and the way you painted the skirt is really nice
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